Meet Gabi Mitchell, June Member of the Month

June 2, 2024
Meet Gabi Mitchell, June Member of the Month

Have you ever met someone who just lights up the room the moment they walk in? That's Gabi Mitchell for you, our fabulous Member of the Month at enduraLAB! Gabi, along with her adorable daughter and sidekick, Holland, brings a burst of sunshine and energy that makes every workout session a little brighter. Let’s dive into her story and find out what makes this dynamic duo so special.

How It All Began

Gabi and her husband found their way to enduraLAB thanks to some persuasive friends who couldn’t stop raving about it. "All of our friends were going to this gym they couldn’t stop raving about, so my husband and I hopped on the train and loved it just as much!" she says. The sense of community and accountability here is unmatched, and Gabi couldn't be happier with her decision to join.

The Pre-LAB Workout Life

Before joining enduraLAB, Gabi's workout routine was a mixed bag. "Quite literally right before joining, I was pregnant and very sick, so the only exercising I could do was walking," she recalls. Before that, Gabi dabbled in casual weight lifting, cardio, spin classes, and a bit of yoga. Staying active has always been a priority, but she admits, "This is the most dedicated and invested I have felt in my workout routine and actually getting strong!"

Healthy Changes and Consistent Gains

Consistency is key, and Gabi's commitment to her fitness routine has grown exponentially since joining enduraLAB. She’s not only sticking to regular workouts but also focusing on a higher protein diet. "All my friends at the LAB and the energy there have made me crave going back!" she exclaims. This consistency has fueled healthier eating habits and a desire to incorporate other physical activities into her routine.

Life Outside the LAB

When she's not crushing it at the gym, Gabi is a devoted new mom. "I am a new mom which is my favorite job, going on about a year now!" She loves going on walks with friends, spending time with family, and basking in the sun (as much as the Texas heat allows). Cooking is another passion, especially trying out new recipes, and she’s a fan of a good happy hour.

Athletic Growth and New Skills

Gabi has seen incredible growth as an athlete since joining enduraLAB. Her overall strength has skyrocketed, and she's picked up new skills like front squats, deadlifts, and even parts of a pull-up. "I joined the gym around 3 months postpartum, and every workout felt SO difficult," she shares. Now, she enjoys every workout and handles even the toughest ones with impressive strength. "There is always room for improvement, and it's the most encouraging place to get better!"

Goals and Ambitions

Looking ahead, Gabi aims to delve deeper into diet and how it complements her workouts. She's curious about making more holistic healthy lifestyle choices and has her sights set on another PR for her squat. We’re rooting for you, Gabi!

Favorite LAB Events

One event that has Gabi both excited and a bit nervous is Murph. "If/when I complete Murph, it will be my first one, and I'll feel really proud of that!!" She’s ready to tackle the challenge head-on.

Advice for Newcomers

Gabi’s advice for anyone new to enduraLAB? "Just jump right in and get to know people because they will be the ones who keep you showing up!" The supportive and friendly environment makes all the difference.

The Gabi Workout

If we had a workout in Gabi’s honor, it would embody her mom strength and determination. Picture a workout for time with lunges, squats, box jumps/step-ups, ring rows, core exercises like dead bugs, and a sprint set on the bike or ski erg. A perfect mix of legs and sprint-like cardio to get that heart pumping!

Favorite Eats and Beats

Gabi's go-to treat meal? Beef fajitas and a mambo taxi from Mi Cocina, though she and her husband also love a good homemade steak. With a sweet tooth to match, she’s always up for a delicious dessert. When it comes to music, anything hype from Justin Bieber gets her going, though she’s also a fan of country and Christian music.

Final Thoughts

Gabi sums it up perfectly: "This has been the best place for me to work out and bring my daughter and enjoy getting to do that together and around such an awesome community of people. Everyone is so uplifting, all the staff and athletes are friends, and it is just the best!!! Could not feel more loved when every day that I walk in with Holland on my hip, someone immediately reaches out to hold her and play with her, like family! THE BEST!"

We couldn’t be prouder to have Gabi Mitchell as our Member of the Month. Here’s to many more workouts, smiles, and milestones together at enduraLAB! Cheers, Gabi and Holland! 🎉

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