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RMR + VO2 Max Testing

RMR Testing measures your resting metabolic rate, or the amount of calories your body burns at rest. An RMR test will help you hone in on your goals by giving you a detailed report on your metabolism. You can adjust your caloric intake based on this report to calculate the perfect nutrition plan for YOU! After you receive your results, you can book a nutrition consultation with EnduraLAB’s Nutrition Coach to set your game plan.

A VO2 Test measures your overall cardiovascular fitness. Athletes will utilize the BikeERG to test their fitness. The report will show you which types of workouts are best suited for you, which will improve your overall fitness, and determine your training zones as well as your VO2 Max.

We utilize PNOE technology to perform this test. The PNOE machine is the world’s first software that automatically analyzes metabolic information to provide an in-depth analysis of heart, lung, muscular, and neuromuscular function in real time. It can be used to spot the limiting factors in your performance and track how organs perform under different exercise conditions.

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VO2 + RMR + Fit 3D + Consult
VO2 + RMR + Fit 3D + Consult
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