Run Strength Online Membership (review)

October 19, 2021
Run Strength Online Membership (review)

As endurance athletes, most of us know that we SHOULD be lifting weights to be stronger, faster, and more resilient...but it's so easy to make excuses and choose miles over muscles. Our Strength for Runners program was created to help runners and endurance athletes become more well rounded, from the inside-out. Our mission is to not only create smart strength programming, but also to coach, instruct, and guide you in your training from the weight the roads. Get ready to lift heavier, run faster, and perform better than ever before.

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Strength for RUNNERS is for:


  1. Workouts programmed by runners for runners: Get stronger and improve your fitness with proven, done-for-you programming.
  2. Minimal gear, minimal time and minimal cost: Simple equals strong so you can go long!
  3. TeamHeroic App: This is your hub for workouts, goal tracking, weakness targeting, talking to your coach and cheering for your fellow athletes all in the palm of your hands!
  4. Smart warmups and cooldowns: Getting you prepped right, preventing injury while increasing your run-specific mobility.
  5. enduraLAB Run Club Facebook Group: Connect with your fellow runners, stay up to date with tips from your coaches and join in on the monthly challenges!
  6. Everything is scalable: This program works no matter what you have, where you’re at, or who you are.

We have created a program that is adaptive and flexible to ensure that you receive the highest benefit possible. Whether you travel frequently, prefer to train at home or have an inconsistent schedule, our online programs are designed to go wherever and whenever you need it to be. Your coach will review all training and ensure that you are supported and continuing to move forward toward all of your goals. 

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