Member Spotlight: Kari Crow Seher

October 19, 2021
Member Spotlight: Kari Crow Seher

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Kari Crow Seher is an ultra-runner, James Beard Foundation women in Entrepreneurial Leadership fellow and owner of MELT ICE CREAMS.  

A transplant from Georgia, Kari came to the Metroplex 15 years ago to play soccer at Dallas Baptist University. We can only assume her staying was destiny. Kari’s fitness story is inspiring, and her Joy Factory truly melts our hearts.    

“Kari has that magic trait called grit. You have to realize that a lot of runners don’t finish their first 100 miler, and Kari completed one of the most difficult courses on her first attempt. That takes strength, endurance and grit. ”

— Coach Lee

When it comes to fitness, Kari likes to keep it simple. Long-distance runs on the trails or in the mountains, with the occasional spin and yoga class thrown into the mix. She is also a strength convert since joining the LAB.  

When Kari came into enduraLAB, she was deep into training for the Leadville Trail 100, an ultra-marathon held annually in Colorado through the heart of the Rocky Mountains.  

Her fitness program primarily consisted of getting up every weekend before dawn to run for hours until she was depleted emotionally and physically. She maintained this demanding routine for nine consecutive months. 

She loved it. Loved being outside. Loved finding her way through the dark. Loved the difficulty of training at that level, but she knew she needed more. That’s when she found enduraLAB.

“I sought out the best and it was enduraLAB,” says Kari.

I was drawn to Coach Lee because of his reputation for zoning in on an athlete’s specific needs. His programming is holistic and entirely individualized, says Kari. For me that was injury prevention, mountain specific muscles and form. Lee is also great at making people laugh during even the most grueling training sessions.  

“A runner who wants to reach their full potential needs to take a more comprehensive approach to race training. That means you have to focus on aspects such as strength, balance and mobility in addition to running. Strength plays a huge role in running performance; strengthening muscles and connective tissue, improving running economy and increasing neuromuscular coordination. ”

— Coach Lee

Not only is Kari a stand-out athlete, but she is also incredibly self-aware. She is constantly learning from her experiences, and is always willing to share her story (triumphs and pitfalls) with other athletes. She knows that the simple act of putting one foot in front of the other can add up to huge success. In fitness and in life.  

At Leadville, you have 30 hours to complete a 100-mile race over rocky terrain at elevations above 10,000 feet with long climbs, stream crossings and freezing temperatures. Less than 50 percent ever finish the race. 

I learned quickly that mental fortitude is the key to endurance sports, reflects Kari. I relied on mantras, my incredible support system and my training to get me across the finish line.  

In the end, finishing was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. But I learned so much about what is possible when you set your mind and make a commitment, says Kari.   

“I think anyone can train for their goals if they commit the time.”

— Kari

Kari’s next fitness goal? She is running Never Summer, a 64-mile race in the Colorado Rockies at 10,000 feet. After that she’ll start dreaming up her next adventure. Maybe a stage race in the Cascades? Who knows? The sky’s the limit!

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