Meet Gabe Maldonado, June Member of the Month

June 7, 2024
Meet Gabe Maldonado, June Member of the Month

Picture this: you're midway through a grueling group class at enduraLAB, and just when you think you can't push any harder, you hear an enthusiastic "You got this!" followed by a spirited fist bump. That's right, folks—it's none other than our Member of the Month, Gabe Maldonado!

Gabe might call himself an introvert, but once he steps into the LAB, he's a whirlwind of encouragement and high energy. Always ready to cheer you on and lift your spirits, Gabe has become an integral part of our community. But what brought this incredible Airman and all-around great guy to enduraLAB in the first place? Let’s dive into his story.

The Journey Begins: Accountability and Community

Gabe came to enduraLAB with a clear mission: to get involved with a supportive community and hold himself accountable for workouts that would help him achieve his goals. Before joining us, Gabe's routine was primarily running-focused, but he realized he needed more strength training to avoid injuries and enhance his overall physicality. And boy, has he transformed since then!

A New Dawn: Healthy Changes and Early Rises

One of the biggest shifts for Gabe since joining enduraLAB has been his commitment to waking up earlier. He's now more intentional about his mobility, which has made him a better runner. Those early mornings are paying off big time, and Gabe's dedication is truly inspiring.

Beyond the LAB: Life in Full Bloom

When he's not cheering us on or crushing his workouts, Gabe enjoys spending quality time outdoors with his beautiful wife, maintaining their half-acre lawn. From mowing to building vegetable garden beds, this therapeutic hobby keeps Gabe grounded. He's also an Airman, dedicating his time to supporting military forces for both combat and peacetime tasks, and a loving dad to four dogs and three kids. Talk about a full plate!

Grit and Growth: Athletic Evolution

Since joining enduraLAB, Gabe has grown immensely as an athlete. His secret? Grit and stick-to-itiveness—the ability to keep pushing even when things get tough. This mindset has propelled him forward, helping him achieve milestones he once thought were out of reach.

Goals on the Horizon: HOKA Bandera Endurance Trail Race

What's next for Gabe? He's training for the HOKA Bandera Endurance Trail Race. Gabe is looking forward to the challenge, the pain, the endurance, and most importantly, the camaraderie at the finish line. We have no doubt he'll crush it!

Favorite Programs: Murph and Hell Week

Gabe's favorite programs at enduraLAB are the introduction to the Murph and Hell Week. These intense workouts have driven his personal accountability and deepened his connection to our team. The team dynamic here at enduraLAB is something Gabe truly treasures.

Words of Wisdom

For anyone new to enduraLAB, Gabe has simple but powerful advice: "Trust the process and show up! Every day counts."

The Gabe Workout: "The Grind"

If we had a workout named after Gabe, it would be called "The Grind." Picture this: running and heavy deadlifts. Gabe loves running and picking up heavy stuff, but burpees? Not so much!

Treat Yourself: Smoked Brisket Nachos

After a tough workout, Gabe’s go-to treat meal is smoked brisket nachos at BoomerJack's in Lake Worth. Piled high with cheese and jalapeños, it's a delicious reward for a job well done.

Tune In: "Armchair Expert"

When he's not working out or tending to his lawn, Gabe enjoys listening to the "Armchair Expert" podcast. With new celebrity interviews every Monday, it’s his favorite way to unwind.

Pump Up Jam: "Mo Bamba"

Need a song to get you pumped? Gabe swears by "Mo Bamba" by Sheck Wes. It’s his go-to track to push harder and faster, especially during challenging runs.

Final Thoughts

Gabe's parting words? "Stay present, SHOW UP, and love your teammates. The team is what keeps you coming back, and together we WIN, WIN, WIN."

Here's to you, Gabe Maldonado—our Member of the Month! Keep inspiring us with your energy, dedication, and unwavering support. We’re lucky to have you in our community!

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