Lee Hargrave

Lee Hargrave

Founder and Head Coach

Rocky Raccoon 50-Mile Trail Run (2019)

GORUCK 50-Mile Dallas Star Course Winner (2019)

GORUCK Marathon Dallas Star Course Winner (2020)

29029 Finisher 2.5x BW Deadlift, 2x BW Back Squat, 1.5x BW Bench Press


Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist


Precision Nutrition Level I & II

XPT Breath Coach


Former Rocket Scientist. Husband. Father of 2. Sneaker Head. Coach. Lee Hargrave created EnduraLAB in 2011 to fill a large void in the wellness industry. Through experience, multiple degrees and certifications, Lee has taken an analytical approach to take the guesswork out of better health and fitness. Lee believes that you should challenge yourself yearly and he has definitely led by example. From trail running to taking on the toughest marathon in the US (Leadville), a 48-hour event where he'll run 4 miles every 4 hours, 50-mile rucks and even a 36-hour event in which he climbed the same vertical distance as Mt. Everest.

Turning Point

A bet changed Lee’s life forever. While working at Lockheed in 2006 Lee was challenged to run a marathon. Little did they know that this conversation would light a fire that still burns today. Lee ran his first marathon that October and then dove into the world of endurance...pushing the limits of what he once thought was impossible. During this journey Isis and Lee met (sparks flew 😉) and she wanted to join in this adventure. Lee knew that his training wasn’t the smartest and he was not about to put Isis through what he had done. There was a better way but no one was doing it. Lee took his experience from athletics, his training, his education and from some of the best minds in the industry and created a program that is a base of what EnduraLAB was built on...strength and endurance.

Motivation & Passion

Lee’s passion is service. Providing a place, a community where change is possible. Where the standard is elevated. A place that is like a second home for our athletes. Lee continually tells our team that we have one of the most fulfilling careers, helping our clients reach their goals. He is often asked if he misses the challenge of the aerospace industry and he always answers that he gets to solve challenges every day for his clients that change their lives forever...and nothing is more rewarding than that!

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