Lane Sharpe

Lane Sharpe


6 Half Marathons...and counting (1:52:17 PB)

2 x Ragnar Texas Trail

200K Relay Finisher & Team Captain

2022 Bandera 25K Finisher

2021 Chad 1000X Finisher

185# Bench Press (1.05x BW - Not Bad For a Runner 🙂)


Since March of 2021, Lane has been picking the brains of Coach Lee and Coach Elizabeth to learn everything he can about running mechanics, training load, mobility, proper fueling, and race strategy. He’s put it all to the test in more than a dozen races from May 2021 to February 2023, and can proudly say he’s made all the mistakes so that he can help you avoid making them yourself.


Lane is a Fort Worth native and lifelong athlete who’s been in a committed, loving relationship with running for the past five years after more than a decade of on-and-off “enduromance” and periodic flirtations with Olympic lifting and Crossfit. Outside the LAB, he’s a group account director for a digital marketing agency, which means he basically tells big companies how to spend their money so you’ll buy their products. He’s married to the world's greatest cheerleader, has two dogs, and loves cooking, fine dining, and live music.

Turning Point

When Lane first came back to running after a three-year layoff, he had a lot of success in terms of slimming down and staying committed to being active, but near the end of 2020, he was so worn down from all-out efforts 4-5 days a week with little-to-no variation in intensity, duration, or distance, that the stress of running was starting to outweigh the joy he got from it. He realized that his progress had completely halted and he needed to re-educate himself on what it meant to be a healthy runner, both mentally and physically. This led him to set an intention to change his relationship with running, and from his first stint at the LAB in 2012 knew the best person to learn from was the one and only Lee Hargrave. Since rejoining the LAB, Lane has gone from a constantly overtrained state that made him prone to injury and exhaustion to a balanced training load that has him running faster and farther than ever before.

Motivation & Passion

Lane’s passion is helping people smash their endurance goals while staying injury free. That means always making sure you know the “why” behind what you’re doing, prioritizing mobility, and learning how to listen to your body so you know when to push, when to scale, and when (and how) to recover. Nothing makes Lane happier than seeing someone hit a distance or a pace that they didn’t think they could, so talk to him about what you want to do and he’ll help get you there and cheer you on the entire way.

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