Jarod Hunsaker

Jarod Hunsaker

Facilities Manager/Coach


Level I CrossFit Certified

Completed Ragnar 2021

Completed Bandera 2021

Can successfully complete one muscle up

205# Back Squat


Jarod grew up in Farmers Branch and moved to Fort Worth, Texas in early 2013 with his mom, Kindra, and his older brother, Luke. He graduated from Nolan Catholic High School in 2020, and then took a year off to focus on finding his passion. In May of 2020, Jarod was introduced to enduraLAB and offered to fill the position for front desk and maintenance. Jarod thinks he couldn't have gotten any luckier! Jarod enjoys being around positive people every single day and having a flexible schedule between school, work, and getting stronger!

Turning Point

Jarod has always been into fitness and exercise, as he started playing soccer when he was 5 and played all throughout high school. After high school, he stopped playing soccer and working out consistently. Quitting this routine made him struggle with who he was and become what he thought was lazy. After not working out for a while, the thought of doing cardio or any intense exercise seemed to be torture. That all changed when Jarod began working with enduraLAB, being constantly surrounded by positive and hardworking people motivated Jarod to stop thinking and start doing.

Motivation & Passion

Jarod is all about positive vibes, and he wants to ensure that people leave enduraLAB feeling better than they did when they walked in. Jarod knows what it feels to need a little push to get things rolling. If he can motivate someone to push themselves and give it there all then he can call it a successful day. Jarod wants to see everybody grow and become the best version of themselves.

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