Isis Hargrave

Isis Hargrave

Coach and Head of Nutrition Programming

Deadlift: 300 lbs

Ran 1 full marathon and over a dozen halves.


Precision Nutrition L1 USAW Sports

Performance Gym

Jones L1 Gym Jones Women


Isis and her husband created enduraLAB in 2011 to guide members to their ideal lifestyles through healthy habits, nutrition and exercise. Isis has coached athletes of all ages for 10 years. Her life’s mission is to get people moving and feeling better than ever before.

Turning Point

Isis was always into “working out” and staying fit, but followed fads and frequented 24-hour big box gyms. She seemed content with an hour of movement about 3-4 days a week. That was until she met Lee who was training for his first marathon. She was in awe of him and the amount of training he was doing. It looked like something she thought she could never in a million years do herself. Then one day, she decided to hop on the treadmill at said big box gym and do 1 mile. Then, she signed up for a 5k. Then, together, she and Lee started a running blog called “The Running Couple” where they would sign up for races, train and run together, sometimes hand in hand. In October of 2010, Isis ran her first marathon. From there, they knew how important strength and conditioning were to endurance and opened a gym.

Motivation & Passion

Isis is passionate about helping people feel and operate at their best. Growing up a military brat, she knows the power in building communities and thriving as a unit. She is most motivated by watching others achieve things they never thought were possible.

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