Chaz Dempsey

Chaz Dempsey


265 lb snatch

330 clean & jerk

450 back squat


OPEX coach

Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist


Grew up a Navy brat, as the oldest son of my Navy SEAL father, so that meant lots of moving around the country but I'm finally trying to put some roots down here in Fort Worth! Growing up I always played sports and my dad put a big focus on physical fitness (he'd drag me along to his morning PT sessions on base!) but while I enjoyed playing sports, I felt most at home in the weight room. I started powerlifting in college and shortly after graduating, I discovered Olympic Weightlifting and immediately fell in love. I spent a few years coaching CrossFit and competing in weightlifting until a nasty wrist fracture sidelined me for a while and I put that energy into my professional life. By trade, I'm an Aerospace Engineer working in the defense industry but I'm excited about pivoting my focus back to my passion and transitioning from engineering airplanes to engineering stronger, healthier, and more capable people!

Turning Point

My big turning point came in the spring of 2023. After going all-in on my career since my injury and doing very well for myself, I looked around at what I’d gained, but the price I’d paid in my personal life and my health, and couldn’t answer whether or not I was any better off, or even happy, with where I’d gotten to in life. I was on the path to be another statistic in the story of our society today where people are driven to be workaholics at the expense of health, relationships, and finding true fulfillment in life. I looked ahead toward my future, didn’t like what I saw, and decided I had to start making some changes, first with myself, then I wanted to learn how to help others who are in similar situations.

Motivation & Passion

I love teaching of all kinds, but especially when it comes to physical fitness or strength sports. The human body is an absolutely fascinating machine and most people are never clearly taught how to operate and take care of their body appropriately. There are few feelings in life that rival being able to teach someone to do something with their body that they never thought they’d be able to do, whether it's as simple as a pushup or as intricate as a snatch. Meeting people where they are, in whatever physical condition they arrive in, and helping them do things they never knew how to do, or may have given up hope of ever doing again, is something that fires me up!

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