Becca Morgan

Becca Morgan

Operations Manager/Coach

NASM Personal Training

FRC Mobility Specialist

Movement and Mobility Specialist Through The Ready State

Currently Working Through FMS lvl 1 and 2

Completed 3 marathons (one of which I broke my foot part way through)

Multiple Triathlons.

I strive for lots of mental toughness for endurance workouts and races.



Becca was born and raised in Richmond, VA. Becca is the 8th of 11 kids, so she was born to work with people! She swam competitively growing up and throughout High School. Becca got used to early mornings and pushing her body and of course, the feeling of satisfaction that comes after a good workout! She started working at the age of 11 teaching swim lessons for her family's business. That is eventually what brought her to Texas 3 years ago! Becca has worked in management positions for about 8 years now and that experience has taught her a lot about working with and developing others which is something she truly enjoys doing!

Turning Point

Once she stopped swimming and having that as a guide to follow, Becca started gaining weight as her appetite was the same. She struggled a lot with going up and down in her weight pretty consistently. Becca eventually got to a point where she wasn’t comfortable in her own skin, so she started personal training at a private gym close by. Over the course of them helping her with training and her diet, and just the accountability of checking in, Becca lost about 61lbs! Going from 213 to 152. This process really solidified her love for working out and peaked her interest in becoming a trainer.

Motivation & Passion

Becca got into coaching because of her own personal experience and the difference it made in her life as well as it being an opportunity to help people grow! Helping others go from point A to point B is something that Becca has always loved and that is truly a bucket filler for her. So whether you’re someone brand new to fitness and wanting to learn how to do barbell work, someone wanting to lose weight or someone more advanced wanting to fine tune your skills, we all have different goals and Becca wants to help you get there!

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