Plan 2022 Like a Vacation

December 9, 2021
Plan 2022 Like a Vacation

As we end the year 2021, how many of your New Year’s resolutions or goals did you achieve? Do you even remember what you had planned for your best year yet? The most popular resolutions for 2021 were exercising more and improving fitness, losing weight, saving money, and improving diet. If we are intending to achieve these goals, why do we continue to make them a focus? It’s because we don’t focus on our habits and behaviors to achieve our goals.

When you think of planning a big vacation, do you just write “Travel to Cabo?” and then just hope that it happens? No, you consider the investment it will take. You book flights, hotels, activities. You take time off of work. You buy travel gear and clothing. You might join a Facebook group or travel forum to find people who have taken that trip before. You do all these things because this is a fun goal and one that doesn’t take much unwanted thinking.

Now, imagine that you have a desired goal to exercise more and improve your fitness. Why not approach it the same way. 

Consider the investment. A new study found that adults who consistently exercised at moderate or high levels saved between $1,200 and $1,350 annually in health-care costs compared to adults who were inactive from adolescence into middle age. You can count this as a bonus goal because you will actually be saving money and time by improving your fitness. 


Book your gym tour, get a gym membership, sign up for classes! Yes, just like travel, you need to book it. You can click here to book a gym tour where we will discuss your personal fitness journey and where you want to go. We will show you around our amazing 6,000 ft facility and explain our membership options. Once we have decided your perfect fit, we will get you registered and you can then sign up for classes!

Schedule it. Just like that “time off,” you need to schedule your exercise, a.k.a. YOU TIME, on the calendar. We recommend you register for classes on our app for the entire week. This will make it easier for you to make sure it happens. If you are having a hard time finding space in your day, it’s probably time you do a time audit and find where you might be wasting time.

You purchase the necessary gear. Okay, who doesn't love to buy new workout shoes or clothing? This also happens to be the perfect time of year because all your loved ones are wanting to know what you want for Christmas! Here is a list you can give them of enduralab coaches favorites!

Take part in all the community offerings. We have one of the most supportive and encouraging communities in the world. Dive into the culture by attending monthly socials, challenges and clubs. You won’t regret surrounding yourself with like minded people who want to achieve the same goals as you! 

Doing all these things will change your current behaviors and habits that will in turn get you exercising more and improving your fitness. If you plan your 2022 like that awesome vacay you want to take, we guarantee you will see success!

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