BlueWave Weightlifting Club at enduraLAB: Remote Gymnastics Program

BlueWave Weightlifting Club at enduraLAB: Remote Gymnastics Program


Purchase our Remote 9-Week BlueWave Weightlifting Gymnastics Program and get 4 workouts each week delivered directly to your inbox. Release date: May 1, 2019.

Daily Programming Includes:

  • Snatch or Clean and Jerk variation

  • Weightlifting accessory strength exercises

  • Gymnastics skill/strength variation

  • Gymnastics accessory strength exercises

  • Mobility/flexibility movement finisher

This program is best designed for people who are interested in weightlifting and would like to introduce a new variation of training into their regimen. The program caters to all skill levels by providing progressions for all of the gymnastics strength exercises allowing you to choose/start at any level that is challenging but comparable to your current level of fitness. Please reach out to Coach Chris for more information.

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Weightlifting Cycle: This part of the program starts with Speed, Position and Hypertrophy training. After that it will transition progressively to Speed and Strength work and the last transition is into a Peak Phase where you will regularly lift heavy, testing your limits on the Snatch and Clean & Jerk,. Expect to see increases in your Front and Back Squat as well but it will not be the main focus of the peak and test portion. I would suggest testing it after 2-3 days rest at the end of the cycle.

Gymnastics Cycle: This will alternate each week between specific movements. Week 1 will resemble week 3, 5, 7, 9 and vice versa. These movements are to give you some specific goals to progress in. This portion of the cycle covers progressions in the: Handstand Push Up, Ring Dip, Pistol Squat, Shrimp Squat, Muscle Up, Archer Pull Up, Planche and Handstand.

Please note that this is just an introduction into these movements and a way to show you progressions for each. Each video has a series of progressions from beginner to advanced. Start at the easiest one and make sure you can perform that prior to moving on to a more difficult progression. Even if a higher progression “feels” easier, start with the earlier progression. This likely means you have a mobility or strength deficit that will show up later down the line causing a limitation. Address it now.

Don’t expect to achieve any of these movements within 9 weeks. Your goal is to learn and get better. Many gymnastics strength movements can take years to develop. If you are interested in continuing specific gymnastics work then you can start my weekly Gymnastic Strength program for $75/mo.

Drop Set Strength: This is to try in build accessory strength that transfers over into the Gymnastics Cycles main focus. Don’t skip out on this. It might be exactly what you need to break through a plateau in a movement. This portion will have less structure to it. The reason for this is to introduce a variety of exercises that could help you. Hopefully, you find a movement that can be beneficial for your continued progress even after this cycle ends.

Mobility and Flexibility: This portion of the cycle will stay consistent. Most changes to mobility or flexibility take repetitive exposure to create any kind of adaptation. Mobility progress typically takes about 8-12 weeks of exposure to have any significant change. So stick with it!