Indoor Rowing Clinic w/ Coach Lee

Indoor Rowing Clinic w/ Coach Lee

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Rowing is one of the top low-impact calorie burning exercises of all time. Utilizing over 80% of the body's musculature, a 60-minute session can easily burn 400-800 calories. However, learning to use a rowing machine properly requires a bit of a learning curve. Don't you think it's time to discover the power of the erg?

Elements covered in the clinic include:

  • Proper technique and drills for optimal rowing/skiing performance.

  • Using the rowing/skiing machine to reach peak performance faster.

The clinic is scheduled for one hour and includes lecture, individualized coaching on your rowing technique, workouts and skills drills you can utilize to help you reach your goals. Participants will need to dress in athletic clothing appropriate for the workout.

Cost: Free for enduraLAB Premium Members. All others are $15/person

*Space is limited

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