REACH YOUR TRUE running potential

When we look at the state of running and programming, we see a large majority of "single-speed" athletes. They wake up day after day, month after month, year after year, and run at the same speed, same intensity with the same program. It's no wonder these runners suffer early performance plateaus and that over 80% will be hurt during their career. Maybe it's the fear of doing something different or maybe it's just not knowing exactly what to do. At enduraLAB, we have built a more complete program that not only produces health runners but also allows athletes to reach their true potential.



ON-SITE PREMIUM race training

  • Whether you are training for a 5K, 10K, half, full or ultra marathon, our intimidation free approach to race training is designed to teach you everything you need to know to cross the finish line with confidence. Premium on-site race training is comprehensive and includes:

    • Running form, nutrition for performance, recovery and mobility techniques, injury prevention, breathing and more

    • Access to our weekly group runs (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 6:00 AM)

    • Access to all Specialty Programs including ENDURABILITY

    • Online access to your specific running schedule, workouts, training history and coach feedback (via

    • Access to all enduraLAB group fitness classes + Open Gym at enduraLAB

online race training

  • The enduraLAB Online Race Training includes access to our world-class run training programs proven to help runners of all levels reach their fitness goals. Whether you’re just starting out, want to run your first half-marathon or set a new PR, we have the best online training plan available. All programs include daily workouts and videos (via TrainHeroic/TrainingPeaks) on run, strength, injury prevention, plus coaching support! Our online training programs include:

    • 1-Mile Improvement Program (6 weeks)

    • 5K Training Program (8 weeks)

    • 10K Training Program (12 weeks)

    • Half-Marathon Training Program (16 weeks)

monthly Run membership

  • Whether you’re coming off a major race or you’re ready to ramp up your training, enduraLAB has you covered! Our Monthly Run Membership will have you training faster and more efficient than ever. This membership package includes:

    • Access to our weekly group runs (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 6:00 AM)

    • ENDURABILITY at the LAB on Fridays at 6:00 AM

    • $129/month

run form analysis

  • Running is easier, more fun, and you can reduce the missed time from nagging injuries when you run efficiently. Reach out today to schedule a Run Form Analysis with Coach Lee.


  • Running with friends is always more fun than running alone. Join us Thursday mornings at 6:00 AM for a free social run. We are currently kicking off our 6-Week Hill Series at enduraLAB beginning August 22. No matter your pace, our runs are time so that we can all begin and end together. Workout Locations:

    • 9/12: Taylor Street Hill (489 Taylor Street, 76102)

    • 9/19: Taylor Street Hill (489 Taylor Street, 76102)

    • 9/26: enduraLAB



At enduraLAB, you’ll hear us say that a shoe is just a tool, and not a “magic pill” that can fix your running woes. However, improper shoe sizing and shape can result in ingrown toenails, bunions, corns, hammer toes and hallux valgus. Shoes that don’t fit your feet correctly can also lead to muscular imbalances in the body, resulting in foot, knee and hip injuries. Yes, the right shoe fit is that important. For more information, click to watch the video below and check out our blog on HOW TO FIND THE RIGHT RUNNING SHOE.