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The enduraLAB Ruck Club was created to provide an opportunity for our community to improve their fitness outside the gym. Everyone can ruck. It's fun. It's social. It's so simple, yet so good for you.

The Benefits of Rucking

Rucking has gained in popularity over the past few years, and rightfully so. While this fitness activity is simple, it's also super effective. "Rucking", or walking while carrying weight, is applicable to anyone that has the physical capability to walk. Scalable to any fitness level and with the ability to do anywhere, rucking can help you improve your posture, get stronger, increase your endurance and provide a boost to your mental health.  

Rucking Gear Tips

Rucking is simple and so is the gear you need. To get started you only need 3 things: a ruck, some weight and water. First time rucking? Here are some ruck weight suggestions:

  • Beginner: If you're under 150#, carry a 10# weight and if you're over 150# carry 20#.

  • Intermediate: If you're under 150#, carry a 20# weight and if you're over 150# carry 30#.

We highly recommend a weighted plate that is flat against your back, but don't let that stop you. Get creative, load up your rucksack, and get out there!

enduralab rucking CLUB events


RUCK CLUB WEEKLY WORKOUT: Join us each Wednesday at 5:00 AM for a 60-minute weighted workout led by Coach Lee. Ruck weight requirements? We recommend anywhere from 10 lbs if you’re new to rucking all the way up to 45 lbs.


GORUCK STAR COURSE DALLAS: This is the official training program for the GORUCK Star Course in Dallas. There are no push-ups or smoke sessions, that’s not this event. It's just you, your rucksack, your team and the miles. And it’s not to be underestimated. While these events have a 50% drop rate or higher. enduraLAB athletes have a pass rate of 100%. Take the challenge with us! Those who successfully pass will earn the Star Course patch. October 11-12, 2019.