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The Complete Run Program

The EnduraLAB Complete Run Program provides a comprehensive approach that encompasses all aspects to ensure our athletes' success. Our run program goes far beyond simply participating in a group run a few times a week. To truly thrive, minimize the risk of injury, and achieve your personal best, it's essential to address endurance, strength, speed, nutrition, breath, and mobility. While many individuals pay separately for these components, we have brought them all together under one roof, providing exceptional value.

At EnduraLAB, we have developed a holistic running program that has yielded proven results, catering to everyone from novice racers to Boston qualifiers and even marathon champions (regardless of age groups).

When you choose to run with EnduraLAB, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Run program: Our comprehensive regimen encompasses all facets of training, including base-building, speed workouts, form correction, and conquering challenging hills. All workouts are conveniently delivered through Final Surge
  • Endurance-focused strength program: Our carefully crafted program consists of a weekly coached session at EnduraLAB and a weekly at-home workout, ensuring you develop the necessary strength to enhance your running performance.
  • Nutrition strategies and coaching: Optimal training and peak race weekend performance go hand in hand with proper hydration and nutrition. We provide expert guidance and coaching to help you make informed dietary choices for your training runs and race weekend.
  • Coached breath and mobility sessions: Recovery and preparation are crucial for long-distance running. Each week, you'll participate in a guided session focused on breathwork and mobility exercises, supporting your overall well-being and readiness for long runs.
  • Recovery sessions: To aid your recovery, we offer two weekly Normatec boot sessions, renowned for their rejuvenating effects, and a contrast session utilizing our infrared sauna and cold plunge facilities.

In total, you'll benefit from four professionally coached workouts each week, accompanied by unwavering support from our coaching team throughout the program, plus best-in-class recovery therapies. Are you prepared to conquer your next race and achieve your personal best?


The EnduraLAB Complete Run Program provides a comprehensive approach to running that includes endurance, strength, speed, nutrition, breath, and mobility training. The program includes a run regimen, endurance-focused strength program, nutrition coaching, breath and mobility sessions, and recovery therapies. With four professionally coached workouts each week and support from the coaching team, the program caters to runners of all levels and helps them achieve their personal best.

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