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Process 50 is for the person who has the drive, the willingness and desire to delve into the process of meaningful change. Train with enduraLAB founder Lee Hargrave and his program aimed at delivering the best results in the fitness industry. While you get your own detailed and individualized plan, our semi-private training allows for a flexible schedule and supportive community at affordable rates. Process 50 is a program designed specifically for your body and your goals.


Our goal is to get you to fall in love with the process of training. This is going to look different for each individual depending on goals, physical abilities, age, mobility and other lifestyle variables. Our highly individualized programming can help target deficiencies, identify strengths and yield faster results for you. Each Process 50 member can expect,

  • A personalized, progressive training plan addressing health, longevity, fitness and performance based on your goals, assessment, and schedule.

  • Daily accountability and immediate access to your progress through our TrainHeroic and ProCoach software.

  • A designated workout area with equipment in our gym. No more fighting for bars, benches or plates!

  • Expert guidance towards your goals by listening to your feedback, periodically assessing your progress and putting you in charge. 

I have learned everything I know about physical and nutritional health through the LAB. If you want to reach your goals and have fun doing it, the enduraLAB is the right place!
— Michael


Life happens. We have created a program that is adaptive and flexible to ensure that you receive the highest benefit possible. Whether you travel frequently, prefer to train at home or have an inconsistent schedule, Process 50 is designed to go wherever and whenever you need it to be. Process 50 includes,

  • Daily training and nutrition coaching delivered via phone, computer, or tablet. Complete your workout at the gym, at home or anywhere in the world that you have an internet connection!

  • Flexibility to schedule your workout during any Process 50 time slot. Sessions are led by our founder and head coach, Lee Hargrave, in groups of four or less. You can also complete the workouts on your own during our Open Gym times (basically a key to the LAB).

  • Stay connected to your coach via TrainHeroic, ProCoach or email and gain access to a library of instructional videos and articles so you can take to it the next level.

Being a student, it’s hard to balance academics, health, fitness and a social life. Discovering Process 50 has made these priorities easy! The individualized workouts and nutrition plan allow me to set and reach my goals. Process 50 has changed my entire mindset about health and fitness, and for that I am grateful. I can truly say I wake up excited to go to the LAB.
— Jade


When it comes to achieving specific goals, nothing beats private coaching. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, increase strength, improve technique, prepare for an event, or just prefer a more personal setting, an individually designed program equates to faster results. In Process 50 each member will get,

  • A comprehensive personal assessment including body composition testing, movement analysis, physical and work capacity testing.

  • A more affordable personalized program. Process 50 costs half as much as the average personal training session in Fort Worth and provides superior results. That means you can train with your coach more and reach your goals faster!

  • Access to a community of like-minded, committed athletes to train with in a supportive and motivating environment.

Success comes from perseverance. Time in the gym is only a small part of the process. Measures are taken to address individual diet, recovery and social well being. This program will only work if you do. With that being said, we require a 3-month minimum buy into the program. This gives us time to implement measurements, tests and make adjustments accordingly.

At 65, my goal was to improve bone density, strength and flexibility. Within a year I had normal blood tests, reduced cholesterol levels and a stabilized resting heart rate. The very-very best news was that my bone density IMPROVED! I feel great thanks to Process 50!
— Libby

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Are you ready to get to work and create meaningful change? Answer the questions below to determine if we can help you. After we review your answers, we'll contact you to schedule a consultation to start our assessment. If we don't seem to be a good fit, we will point you in the best direction. 


In order to maintain a high level of service for each individual client, we offer a maximum of fifty exclusive Process 50 Memberships.