youth programs

Youth need regular opportunities to be active. The youth programs at enduraLAB are geared toward training your child to be a progressive, hard-working athlete who enjoys competing. We offer competitive programs that are engaging, dynamic, varied and most of all fun. Our highly-skilled coaches will be with your child every step of the way to ensure that they learn the techniques and tools needed to be a explosive athlete.

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enduralab youth performance program

The Youth Performance Program at enduraLAB is programmed to increase overall athleticism with improved spatial coordination, explosivity, balance and strength. Success in this program will give young athletes the tools they need to excel in all sports. Our goal is to create a positive environment, teach positive habits and produce progressives athletes.


Bluewave youth weightlifting

The BlueWave Weightlifting Club at enduraLAB runs the largest weightlifting program in Fort Worth. We have coached athletes of all levels and ages, including youth, junior, senior and masters lifters. Our lifters have medaled in dozens of competitions including Texas State, National Championships, American Open Series and more. All of our youth lifting coaches are Safe Sport Certified, and will be with your child every step of the way. Come learn for the top level coaches when it comes to developing proper technique and strength in youth weightlifting.