The enduralab elements program

This 30-Day program is an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of training under the guidance of one of our world-class coaches. Each Elements member will go through personal fitness and nutrition assessments to determine necessary baselines, set intelligent goals and establish an initial game plan. You will graduate enduraLAB Elements as a part of our gym community, with the knowledge of the enduraLAB methodology and the confidence to tackle any of our group classes! 

I came to EnduraLAB because I wanted to be leaner and improve my mile time trial. I enrolled in Elements, and never once doubted my decision. The comprehensive 30-day program gave me an all-access pass to group fitness classes, personalized assessments and three personal training sessions. I highly recommend Elements for those who are thinking of joining the LAB. It allowed me to learn and be involved in everything. I should have joined sooner.
— Elements Client

How do I become a member of enduraLAB?

Becoming a member is easy. We will guide you through every step in the New Member Process. That's why we created the enduraLAB Elements program. The ultimate way to experience enduraLAB and become a better "YOU"!


At enduraLAB we see potential, but it's action that determines results. The LAB was founded as a place of change. We are committed to providing an environment that allows you to break down mental and physical barriers, EMPOWERING YOU to get out there, live life and be the person you were meant to be. Our programs are designed with YOUR SUCCESS as its foundation. Welcome to ENDURALAB!

Let’s take the next step together!


30-Day Mentorship Program | $299

enduraLAB Elements is everything you need to familiarize yourself with our training philosophies, coaching staff and awesome community. Upon completion you will be prepared for full time entry into our regular group class schedule. With your new understanding of the elements of a healthy lifestyle get ready to make the change you've been waiting for at enduraLAB!

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