Zack Shaw

Zack Shaw

Youth Performance Coach

265 Clean and Jerk

205 Squat Snatch

6:03 Mile 5th Place

Rose City Ruckus CrossFit Competition 60in Box Jump (all-time)

15K Tough Mudder (3-months post kidney surgery/donation)


Currently pursuing a degree in Sports Medicine with a focus on Biomechanics/Exercise Physiology 2016

Semi-Finalist Texas Christian Athlete of the Year 6 years of Personal Training

High-level sports training throughout high school and college

Went to college to play baseball at Texas State Proficient in Olympic Lifting

Sports Specific Training, and Strength/Conditioning


I grew up in Fort Worth and South Padre Island, TX, my life has been a sweet life filled with family, friends, the beach, sports, and a lot of competitiveness. I’m 1 of 4 siblings, who all had a very active and sports-influenced background. I’m recently married to the Karly Shaw and outside of my love for fitness and sports performance, I have a deep love for Christ and the church. I work full time at Christ Chapel as the Guys Director, where I get to walk through life with a lot of amazing young men in high school! My passion for fitness, helping others, being competitive, and striving to want to see the next generation succeed and maintain health has led me to enduraLAB.

Turning Point

I went to college to pursue baseball, I had surgery 2 weeks before my freshman season, and as you would expect I was devastated. A week later I got the news my best friend passed in a car crash, my life was kind of a whirlwind in 2016/2017. Truly I needed something to allow me to be competitive, find mental rest, release emotion, and physically push me. Fitness was just that, hard times of not meeting expectations and losing my best friend led me to want to help others, help myself, and become healthier as a human. From 2017 till now it’s been an accumulation of fitness, competing with myself, competing with others, learning and processing the nitty gritty data within fitness that has changed my few on what it means to be a “fit” person.

Motivation & Passion

People’s Physical and Mental Health. My passion is to serve people by action through coaching, providing a fun space to train, and allowing them to use me as a resource for not just training methodology but as a safe space to feel welcomed and loved! I truly love to push people into achieving the goals they/we set.

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