Covey Wright

Covey Wright

Front Desk

Bench 275

Squat 350

Deadlift 425

IFBB amateur bodybuilder 14%

Body Fat 2017-18

Texas High School football First-Team All-District Receiver of the Year


10 Years of Lifting Experience College Degree (In Progress)

About Coach

I was born in Dallas Texas and lived in Austin Texas most of my life. I started playing sports at an early age and always had a competitive spirit. I started running track and playing football at 8 years old and that started my journey into health and fitness. At age 13 I started lifting weights and doing regular workouts year-round to get ahead on the field. These years taught me dedication, discipline, and healthy lifestyle habits. Currently, I am involved in the sport of bodybuilding and furthering my education at Tarrant County Community College.

Turning Point

My turning point back to health and fitness started in 2022. After spending some years away from the gym I felt like something was missing as if I lost that fire inside me. I did not know where to start again. So, I did my research and found enduraLAB. The moment I walked inside the doors I knew where I wanted to be. Quickly after practicing a more healthy lifestyle taught at the LAB, I began to attain my desired physique. It feels great to be surrounded by like-minded people pushing to be strivers and thinkers.

Motivation & Passion

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