Blake Atwood

Blake Atwood


1300 lb gym total

485 squat

500 deadlift

315 bench


TRS Movement & Mobility Specialist OPEX Coach (in progress)

B.S. in Exercise Science (in progress)


Born and raised in Southern Illinois, Blake grew up working with both grandpas on their family farms. Blake has been a lifelong athlete thriving primarily in baseball and basketball. Since the gym was opened in 2011 Blake has taken every opportunity to come down to Texas to work out at EnduraLAB and has been working with Coach Lee over the past couple of years to grow his Powerlifting performance.

Turning Point

As a kid Blake grew up fairly thin, weighing 135-140 pounds through most of high school. In the summer of 2018, Blake came to visit Lee and Isis in Fort Worth for 2 weeks where Lee worked with him on his diet and training. From that visit alone Blake gained around 10 pounds, and was immediately hooked. Blake dove headfirst into learning about strength training and programming. Since then Blake has gained around 100 pounds and has grown his strength by leaps and bounds.

Motivation & Passion

Blake is passionate about helping others reach their goals. From his own experience there is nothing more gratifying than making a change and seeing what your body is capable of. What motivates Blake is the chance that he can be a part of our athletes fitness journey and create positive change.

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