Buns+Guns: Women-Specific Strength & Conditioning

This 6-week specialty program is geared towards women looking to reduce body fat, tone up, increase metabolism, and get swimsuit ready for spring break! Your coach will lead you through semi-private workouts which incorporate strength training and metabolic conditioning to ensure you look good, feel good, and have fun. 

We’ve always had a great community of strong women but this group is ready to take it to the next level. We’ve cut through all that noise and the BS with a sustainable and efficient approach that will help you achieve maximum results, whether you’re brand new to strength training, or a veteran in the weight room.

The most uplifting place and community I have ever trained at. Awesome workouts that push you physically and mentally to improve your strength and endurance. I cannot say enough good things about enduraLAB and the Buns+Guns program!

What's Included (a $730 value!)

  • 6-week program to get you bathing suit ready.

  • 12 semi-private group training sessions to lean, sculpt and tone the legs, glutes, shoulders and arms.

  • Weekly homework to complete at home, at enduraLAB or as a group class finisher.

  • Online Account for access to schedule, workouts, training history and coach feedback (via TeamBuildr)

  • Real Results!!!


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  • enduraLAB Members: $225 Premium Membership

Payment is due for the full upon enrollment. There are no refunds for missed classes OR for this program.



You will be challenged in Buns+Guns. After all, if it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you. We will give you every tool to complete your mission, but ultimately it’s up to you to dig in, do the work and ask questions. Click the link below to contact the enduraLAB team with any questions you might have about the program.