Welcome Blake to the LAB!

December 7, 2021
Welcome Blake to the LAB!

Where are you originally from? I am originally from Johnsonville, Illinois. I grew up in a town of 70 people!

What brought you to enduraLAB? There are two things that brought me here. First of which being my uncle and the opportunity he has given me. The second is my passion for weight training.

Where did you go to school and what is your degree in? I am currently enrolled at TCC to study Kinesiology 

What do you expect to bring to the table? I bring a fresh set of eyes and a willingness to learn. I will always try to be a helping hand where I can be and will do what I can to help the athletes succeed. 

What do you love about the LAB? My favorite thing about the LAB is the community. Ever since I was a kid coming out here I have always felt welcome. It's the athletes here that make the gym so great, and I am very proud to be a part of it.

Goals? I have goals to compete in powerlifting within these next three years. One of my goals within the years is to break a USPA squat record. My long term goals at the gym would be to get my degree and become a full time coach.

What are you currently reading? Lately I have been reading Luther's Small Catechism before bed. 

What song is really pumping you up right now? As of this week, I've been jamming a lot to Tubthumping by Chumbawamba 

What is your favorite show/movie? My favorite movie ever is Ford Vs Ferrari.

What are two things on your bucket list? Two things on my bucket list would be to go skydiving and travel outside the country.

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