Welcome Becca to the LAB!

December 6, 2021
Welcome Becca to the LAB!

Where are you originally from?  Richmond, VA

What brought you to enduraLAB? Looking to use my personal training certification and a friend brought me to the LAB :)

Where did you go to school and what is your degree in? I went to a community college in VA for a while studying basic science with the hope to use it to become a dental hygienist but then stopped school to work full time instead and have never gone back!

What do you expect to bring to the table? I'm excited to bring a fresh energy! Also just a level of relatability/authenticity. I've been through a lot with my personal fitness journey and am still learning a lot too so hopefully can be super relatable for newcomers and for people that have been in the grind for a while!  

What do you love about the LAB? I love the diversity of it. That you can get the full package in one spot and the community/culture that y'all have is awesome! 

Goals? Physically I'd love to get to a single unassisted bodyweight pull up as well as improve my form on my deadlifts. As a trainer, I want to improve on my ability to speak into and help on more technical movements. Personally, I want to be a lifelong learner, to grow more reliant on Jesus and be more humble, which I heard in a sermon as described "not thinking less of myself but thinking of myself less". 

What are you currently reading? Reading a few things currently. Rebuilding Milo by Dr. Aaron Hoschig, Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training by Reppetoe, and See Yourself As God Sees You by Josh McDowell.

What song is really pumping you up right now? Oh Gosh. This is hard. I tend to listen to slower music. So I don't know that I have a song that pumps me up! I'll get down to most music though! 

What is your favorite show/movie? Currently enjoying Seal Team. And movies are really hard to pair down. I love war movies or some of your classic sports movies like remember the titans or miracle. 

What are two things on your bucket list? Left? hahah. I've actually been super fortunate to have crossed off a lot including one of my top, skydiving and living out of the country for longer than a month. But I really want to swim with great whites, go cliff jumping and ride a bull!

Is there anything else you want the LAB community to know about you? I'm super excited to get to work with everyone and get to know each of you! 

We are so excited to have Becca be a part of the LAB, and we know our members will love her! If you haven’t already, pop into one of Becca’s classes for a fun, energetic class!

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