Top 10 Foodies to Follow on Instagram

October 19, 2021
Top 10 Foodies to Follow on Instagram

It’s no secret that cooking and food are a passion of mine. I love searching for new ways to eat more nutritious meals that taste and look appetizing. 

Sometimes coming up with new and fresh ideas is hard, so this is where Instagram comes in. There are countless “foodie” accounts that share their meals every day. Whenever I’m not sure what to cook for dinner, I log onto Instagram and scroll through those accounts. I can usually find something that looks amazing pretty quickly! 

I know cooking and experimenting isn’t everyone’s “thing,” but following these accounts will take the experimentation away and inspire you to cook something healthy and pretty! I’ve compiled a list of MUST FOLLOW foodies on Instagram that post drool worthy food that will have you actually wanting to be in the kitchen. 

Roasted Chicken Thighs and Brussel Sprouts
<img src="" alt="Roasted Chicken Thighs and Brussel Sprouts" /> Roasted Chicken Thighs and Brussel Sprouts


This foodie showcases the art of roasting just about everything! She is about to release a cookbook with all of her amazing recipes. If you want to spice up your meals, definitely give her a follow. Everything looks restaurant-quality and is simple enough for a quick, delicious weeknight meal. 

Thai Mango Lime Green Curry  Meatballs
<img src="" alt="Thai Mango Lime Green Curry Meatballs" /> Thai Mango Lime Green Curry Meatballs

This Fort Worth based foodie creates amazing, approachable recipes for everyone. From pancakes, to cocktails, to yummy dinners, she does it all. You’ll also see her cute pups on her page every so often. A must follow for any Fort Worthian! 

Acorn Squash Enchiladas
<img src="" alt="Acorn Squash Enchiladas" /> Acorn Squash Enchiladas


Alex lives in Dallas and creates the BEST recipes.  Most of her recipes are Whole30, Paleo, or Dairy/Gluten Free, and if they aren’t already, she tells you what to sub! She is a must follow for family friendly recipes; I find myself cooking out of her cookbook, The Defined Dish, all the time. My meals don’t always *look* like hers, but they taste incredible every single time. You need to follow her! 

Miso Sesame Salmon
<img src="" alt="Miso Sesame Salmon" /> Miso Sesame Salmon


Hannah Guthman has gorgeously presented dishes that showcase simple ingredients brilliantly to put together.  She is big on salads and bowls, so if that’s your thing, give her a follow! You’ll have amazing salad options for days. 

Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowl
<img src="" alt="Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowl" /> Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowl


I wish my breakfasts were as pretty as Grace Marie’s! Grace Marie posts bowls you’ll be craving alllll day long. She goes sweet, she goes savory. Everyone wins! We know, you probably don’t have time to craft a delicious bowl every day, but it would be a fun weekend meal and activity for the whole family! 

Pan Seared Sesame Salmon
<img src="" alt="Pan Seared Sesame Salmon" /> Pan Seared Sesame Salmon


Lyana is a health and wellness blogger from San Francisco who just moved to Bentonville, Arkansas. She creates delicious, family friendly recipes for all meals. We especially love her cleaned up, creative pancake recipes. Savory pancakes anyone?! Give her a follow to get your sweet tooth fix or to get some new dinner ideas!

Chicken Burrito Bowl
<img src="" alt="Chicken Burrito Bowl" /> Chicken Burrito Bowl


This is a fun account for fresh ideas on how to “eat clean” with tons of recipes and hacks. She shares her own recipes as well as other foodstagrammers, so you’ll have no shortage of inspiration! This account is a hodgepodge of random goodness sure to cure any cravings that anyone has. They provide videos that answer a lot of “how do you do that?” So fun!

Tandori Chicken Drumsticks
<img src="" alt="Tandori Chicken Drumsticks" /> Tandori Chicken Drumsticks


Derek Wolf is a master of the flame. You will get entranced watching the prepping and cooking of meats over homemade fire pits. It will have you gathering materials to build your own in the backyard. 

Chicken Jambalaya with Cauli Rice
<img src="" alt="Chicken Jambalaya with Cauli Rice" /> Chicken Jambalaya with Cauli Rice


Here is an amazing example of a man in the kitchen! He shares recipes galore to make yummy food better for you. He has a great cookbook and app that houses all of his recipes, so you can subscribe there, or simply follow him on insta for tips and tricks.

Colorful Grain Bowls
<img src="" alt="Colorful Grain Bowls" /> Colorful Grain Bowls


America’s Test Kitchen Kids is a GREAT resource if you want to get kids involved in the kitchen or even if you just want to make things if you sometimes eat like a kid 😉 This account is just fun to follow.

I could make this list go on for pages, but I’ve capped it at 10. If you need more accounts to follow, just let me know! I’m always happy to talk more about food. Happy Instagramming, and happy cooking!

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By Isis Hargrave

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