Top 10 Eats in Fort Worth

December 6, 2021
Top 10 Eats in Fort Worth


Fort Worth has no shortage of amazing restaurants. Instead of trying to figure out the best restaurants, the enduraLAB team narrowed it down to ten categories. While we like to eat healthy, we also love to treat ourselves from time to time, so don't be confused when you see our favorites 😉 From breakfast to burgers to barbecue, we found the best of the best. Check out the Top 10 Best Eats in Fort Worth!!

Best Breakfast

Everyone in Fort Worth knows Righteous Foods. Righteous Foods wins best breakfast restaurant! With clean ingredients and delicious flavors in every dish, you can’t go wrong. If you haven’t already, head to Righteous and grab the swine burrito. You won’t be disappointed.

Best Donut

If you’ve been to an enduraLAB morning event, you already know we love donuts. (Hello, Donut Rucks!) While donuts might not be the healthiest breakfast food, we love a sweet treat every once in a while. Funkytown Donuts is our pick for best donut- get the strawberry sprinkle. Don’t forget about the monthly flavors so you can always try something new! 

Best Burger

Burgers are arguably the most American food ever… We’ve chosen Rodeo Goat as our favorite burger. Not only do they have so many amazing burgers on the menu, but they always have a Battle of the Burgers- vote for your favorite by ordering one! Coach Isis’ will order a burger patty of choice served over a salad to get those veggies in.

Best Pizza 

So many kinds of pizza, so many pizza restaurants. Our pick is Cane Rosso. You can’t go wrong with any of their pizzas, but make sure to try the Jabroni. Here’s a pro tip from Coach Lee: it’s not on the menu, but order Angioletti for some AMAZING breadsticks. Plus, Cane Rosso has their own dog rescue organization, so you’re supporting a good cause while eating delicious pizza. 

Best BBQ

Texas BBQ is the best BBQ out there, and Fort Worth loves its barbecue!! Our winner is Angelo’s, right down the street from the LAB. Walking into Angelo’s is like stepping back in time; it is a Fort Worth staple that hasn’t changed in years. Grab a sandwich, a side of Mac n cheese, and a schooner and you’re good to go! 

Best Sandwich

Sandwiches are necessary when it comes to lunch time. Some people (Lee and Whitney) like simple sandwiches while others like to stack theirs with all the add ons. The Central Market Sandwich Bar is great for everyone. Build your own or choose one from their menu. You won’t be disappointed. 

Best Tacos

Tacos are another essential part of Fort Worth. One of our favorites is Taco Heads. Not only do they have the best tacos, but their guacamole is out of this world. Try an all day breakfast taco next time you’re there! Not a shocker, Isis turns the shrimp tacos into a salad. The salads are instagram worthy full of fresh veggies and pickled onions (yum). 

Best Italian

Who doesn’t love pasta?! Piattello takes the title of Best Italian Restaurant in Fort Worth. Their menu changes seasonally so there’s always something new to try! Pro tip from Whitney: order the meatball pizza as an appetizer- it’s not on the menu, but they’ll usually make it for you. That way, you can try all the delicious pastas too! Plus, Monday nights are half price bottles of wine... 

Best Sushi

Hatsuyuki has the best fresh handrolls in town. Coach Isis can eat a 6 roll combo all by herself. She loves that fact they aren’t smothered in sauce. You can also easily fit this into your macros if you are trying to lean out or build muscle. If you’re going on a hot date, get some sake and order something off the specialty board. 

Best Hole in the Wall 

Right down the street from the LAB, you can find some legit breakfast tacos, Mexican food, and burgers.  Daybreak Cafe is an underrated hole in the wall with some great food for incredible prices. And they serve chips and salsa with EVERY meal! Stop in for a quick bite (or hop in the drive through) at this FTW hidden gem!

*Photos from Restaurants’ Social Media Channels

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