Too Busy for a Workout?

The Holidays are here! While the holiday season is a fun one
January 9, 2022
Too Busy for a Workout?

The Holidays are here! While the holiday season is a fun one, it means that schedules can get packed pretty quickly. You might feel short on time, and the first thing to go is often the gym. Don’t let it be that way! enduraLAB programs D.A.N.E. workouts, workouts you can do anywhere with no excuses, for when life gets hectic. Check out three D.A.N.E.s that you can add to your arsenal. 

Workout 1

“Bodyweight 55”

10-1 Ladder, for time

Push Up

Air Squat 

Sit Up


Alternating Lunges

Begin with 10 reps for each movement, starting with the push up and working your way to the lunges. After completing the first round, the second round will be 9 reps. Complete this pattern until you get down to 1 rep of each movement. This workout can be done at any time of the day- while you’re watching TV, working from home, or lounging. By the end of the workout, you will have worked up a good sweat! 

Workout 2

“200 or Bust”

20:00 AMRAP (As Many Rounds as Possible)

10x Push Ups

10x Sit Ups

10x Air Squats

This workout is simple, but effective. Your goal is to complete 20 rounds in those 20 minutes. Be mindful of your form in the last rounds as people tend to compromise form for reps. Make sure to touch the chest to the floor and fully extend the arms on push ups, sit tall on those sit ups, and hit parallel on the squats. 

Workout 3

“Mini Leg Blaster”


10 Rounds of,

10 Alternating Reverse Lunges (in place)

10x Air Squats

10x Alternating Split Jumps

5x Squat Jumps

(Rest 1 minute between rounds)

This workout definitely lives up to its name! Leg Blasters are a great, quad dominant workout that you will feel during and after the workout. When your legs tire in the middle of the workout, make sure to keep your posture here. This workout is not for time, so you can focus on the quality of the movements. 

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