The Power of Misogi

Lee Hargrave
February 27, 2022
The Power of Misogi

If you’ve wandered into the coach’s office you’ve probably seen one of my favorite banners hanging above the desk, “Comfort is a slow death”. To some that might seem a little aggressive, but it is something we should all think about. Growth does not come from our comfort zones. Today I want to talk about how we can challenge ourselves every year and how, if it’s big enough, it can positively impact the entire year. 

The term Misogi is becoming more popular as of late. While the term is interpreted a little differently it generally refers to completing a very difficult challenge that has about a fifty percent chance of success (at best). The idea is to challenge your self-limitations. As Nelson Mandela once said, “It always seems impossible until it’s done”. 

Everyone’s misogi is going to look and feel different. Remember…it’s getting out of YOUR comfort zone. And just like anything, the first event will be the most difficult. If you’re not used to pushing yourself, it’s going to be hard…but then you’re going to start craving it. You’re going to start saying to yourself, “If I can do this…what else am I capable of?” And that…that is a beautiful thing because we know that we are capable of doing so much more!

Now there is the hardcore group of people that believe that a misogi cannot be practiced or prepared for, can’t be performed before a crowd and you don’t brag or pay to enter…but I have a bit more leniency with the term. Here are the important aspects to think about when creating your misogi:

I’m lucky to be a part of a community at enduraLAB that embraces these types of challenges. I think about all of the events we’ve taken on in the last 10 years and it’s an impressive list. Some might look at what we’ve done and say, “I could never do that”, but that’s the feeling you want when looking for a Misogi! 

Do you have an event that scares you? Are you planning a misogi in 2022? We want to know! We might even join you…

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