Take the Polar Plunge

January 28, 2024
Take the Polar Plunge

The Polar Plunge event aligns with our 2024 theme of living a more balanced life. We need to incorporate recovery methods and more physically challenging activities to our lives.

Where does recovery come in? Well, cold water immersion enhances immunity, increases metabolism, rejuvenates, uplifts, and can even make a hangover a little bit better. 

Here’s the challenge if you dare. Do your plunge, complete a small workout in the LAB parking lot and ruck 4 miles. Hot cocoa and coffee will be at the finish line! Bonus #coolpoints to those who submerge all the way in icy water. 

Important details:

When: February 17 @ 7am

Where: Start at REBOOT with a plunge, head to enduraLAB parking lot, then onto the trails

Cost: $40 (includes a future cold plunge session, ruck patch and a warm finishers celebration)

Registration Link: https://enduralab.pushpress.com/landing/events/cal-fc9a8e93-f6a4-47f2-935b-c503/login

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