Q4 at enduraLAB

December 6, 2021
Q4 at enduraLAB

School is back in session, summer is officially over, and it is time to welcome football, cooler temperatures, and a solid routine back to our lives. At the LAB, we are pumped to bring more events than ever this season. Fall and Winter are going to be busy, but you will have the best time ever! 

You know our old events, like Night of the Living Deadlift, are coming up, but we are also adding some new events into the mix. We will finish out our tenth year of strength+endurance the best way we know how… with a PARTY! 

Check out all the info on what you can expect from enduraLAB through the end of 2021.

Buds N Suds

October 9th, November 6th, and December 11th

There’s nothing better than celebrating the end of a tough workout with a beer or two… It is also always fun to bring some new friends into the gym, even if it’s just once a month. Mark your calendars for our last three Buds N Suds Events of the year!





October 15th and 16th

We have 16 athletes running in Ragnar, the Team Trail Race down in Comfort, Texas in October!  They’ll be braving the elements for 15 miles each, camping, and more fun. 

Night of the Living Deadlift

October 28th

You know it, you love it! Night of the Living Deadlift is back on October 28th for a night of costumes, heavy weight, and delicious Whataburger. This year we will be lifting more weight than ever and adding a few new “traditions” in there. Trust us, you’ll love it even more!




Chad 1000X

November 11th

Chad 1000X is our newest event in the rotation. Chad is an event where we complete 1000 step ups for time in honor of Navy Seal Chad Wilkinson, a veteran we lost to PTSD. This event honors all veterans and raises funds and awareness for our veterans’ mental health. We will have three waves of workouts and be closed the rest of the day on November 11th. Sign up through GORUCK to get a t-shirt, patch, and make a donation. 




Outlook Meeting

November 13th

The whole enduraLAB Crew is getting together to plan for the new year in November! We will plan events, talk programming, and create goals for 2022. Can you believe it’s almost here?!

Turkey Trot 

November 25th

Who doesn’t love a good Thanksgiving jog before feasting on all the Thanksgiving foods?! Last year we hosted our own event, but we are looking forward to getting out there with the rest of Fort Worth to support the YMCA on November 25th. Keep your eye out for updates on the race! 

Hell Week

November 29th through December 4th

That’s right, it's back… again! It is already time for your favorite, most difficult LAB workouts. We will have 6 days of intense workouts from November 29th through December 4th, but trust us, it will be worth it. 


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Holiday Hustle

November 29th through December 18th

The Holiday Hustle is returning this year! Each member has the opportunity to bring ONE friend to the LAB for 3 whole weeks. Plus, members will be competing for a pretty sweet prize. We know the LAB gets a little crazy during these events, so we have limited it to one guest per member. We’ll hustle from November 29th to December 18th. 

Holiday and 10 Year Celebration

December 4th

We told you the end of Hell Week would be worth it! We are celebrating the Holidays, Hell Week, AND the LAB’s 10th Birthday!!!! Mark your calendars for December 4th for a Members Only Party featuring live music, tasty food, and of course a few drinks… A HUGE thank you to the Hiley’s for hosting this party at their home. Details coming to members’ emails soon! 

Run to the Tree

December 16th

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a run to the Christmas Tree in downtown!!! On the evening of  December 16th, we will run to Sundance Square to check out Fort Worth’s beautiful Christmas Tree. 




Christmas/New Years Modified Schedule

Last but not least, we will have a modified schedule from December 23rd to January 1st. We want everyone to enjoy the Holiday season with family and friends. 

We have A LOT going on through the end of the year, so we hope this helps you plan the rest of your year at the LAB. We are so excited to finish the year out even stronger than we started. Bigger and better things to come in 2022!!! 

Our events will be available to sign up for soon. If you’re not a member yet, join us! We’d love to welcome you to the enduraLAB Family. Grab your Base Membership here.

Do you have any questions about events, programming, membership options, or anything else? Contact Whitney and she’ll get back to you ASAP!

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