Push + Pull Program Starting February 12th

January 14, 2022
Push + Pull Program Starting February 12th

With Spring Break already on the horizon, get ready to bulletproof your shoulders and build those bigger chest, back and arms you've always wanted with our 4-Week specialty program, Push+Pull. We've designed this supplemental program to deliver ultimate upper body strength while developing the mobility and stability to help prevent future injuries. 

This is our fourth iteration of Push+Pull and it’s bigger and better than ever! Don’t put those tank tops away just yet - it’s time to look amazing, feel amazing, and let the gains begin!


ACCESSORY AND SKILL WORK THAT SPECIFICALLY ADDRESSES THE CHEST, BACK AND ARMS - Each workout will have a bodybuilding portion that follows the functional strength component. This is when things get real fun and the pump gets real!

FINE TUNING SKILLS THAT WILL INCREASE PROFICIENCY AND RESILIENCE IN WORKOUTS - We will build a strong foundation in movements to increase strength in the pull up, muscle up, various presses, etc. 

INCREASED CONFIDENCE - You will be proud to shed the layers and generally feel amazing and strong.


Starting February 12th, Thursday’s at 5pm and Saturday at 9am


Two sessions a week will be in person at the gym. You’ll also have daily challenges and pro tips to help maximize your performance during the program.


Tier 1: Four-week course - $160 Click here to register.

Tier 2: Four-week course + 1 30-minute skills sessions - $210 Click here to register.

Tier 3: Four-week course + 2 30-minute skills sessions - $260 Click here to register.

*add a performance nutrition plan for $150


You will be challenged in Push+Pull. After all, if it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you. We will give you every tool to complete your mission, but ultimately it’s up to you to dig in, do the work and ask questions. Click the link below to contact the enduraLAB team with any questions you might have about the program.

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