Online Personal Training

October 19, 2021
Online Personal Training

One of our most personalized and interactive programs that we offer, Online Personal Training combines nutrition, program design and recovery protocols to put you on the most efficient track toward hitting all of your goals.


How it Works:

  1. Consultation: Initial meeting to discuss your goals, current nutritional and lifestyle habits, and physical capabilities (in-person or via phone).
  2. Assessment: Initial testing of your strength, mobility and energy systems. This can be done either in-person or via video analysis.
  3. Individualized Nutrition Protocol: Both behavior based and macro nutrient prescription strategies for long term, and conclusive success to your nutrition problems.
  4. Individualized Fitness Programming: A customized training program delivered via TrainHeroic that is based on initial assessments and reviewed by your coach weekly.
  5. Ongoing Support and Review: A 30-minute check-in and review every month with your coach to discuss your program and ensure continued success (in-person or via phone); as well, unlimited text/email support, weekly feedback and analysis.

Life happens. We have created a program that is adaptive and flexible to ensure that you receive the highest benefit possible. Whether you travel frequently, prefer to train at home or have an inconsistent schedule, our online programs are designed to go wherever and whenever you need it to be. Online and In Person Personal Training with enduraLAB includes nutrition, programming and recovery protocols designed specifically for you and your needs. Your coach will review all training, all nutrition behavior, provide individualized prescriptions, feedback and video analysis; be available to answer any questions; and ensure that you are supported and continuing to move forward toward all of your goals. 

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