New Year, Same Gym, Better Programming.

October 19, 2021
New Year, Same Gym, Better Programming.

As we kick-off 2021, I would like to first offer a tremendous thank you to all of our amazing enduraLAB family members. While we were thrown some punches in 2020 we were able to pivot and come out the other end with more experience and creativity then we had at the beginning of the year. The team is EXTREMELY excited to take that knowledge and turn it into progress for our athletes, experienced and new. We plan to use our 10th year to once again, raise the standard for what we can accomplish as a community by bringing the best coaching, programming and expertise to every single person that walks through our doors. I hope you are all as fired up as we are because this year is going to be one for the record books!

-Coach Lee

2021 Programming Outlook


We received feedback that programming the same strength lifts on the same days week-to-week was hindering some athletes that could only come in certain days. To help maximize the variance athletes were getting in the gym we began to experiment with mixing up lifting days at  the end of 2020. This year we will have rotating strength days each week so athletes can continue to get exposure to different movements while still having an idea of when certain lifts will be programmed.


Similar to how we test and retest our enduraLAB workouts to make sure they are a polished final product, we went back to reevaluate our Baseline Workouts. We had good retestable workouts, but we wanted them to be GREAT so we went back to the drawing board and came up with not 2, but 3 new Baseline Workouts! We will test these in January, April and October to show everyone how much improvement can be made over the course of 2021! We cannot wait for everyone to give these a go!


Our focuses and cycles will better line-up in 2021. We’ve created a full year blueprint to allow us to introduce cycles where and when they make sense. We will also build smartly around different events/times of the year. For example...enduraYOU Challenge, Murph, Night of the Living Deadlift and more.


In 2020 our Ruck Program grew as prepared for the GORUCK Dallas Star Course Marathon Ruck (BTW...we dominated that event). Expect more events in 2021 and a bigger and better program with our Saturday workouts and monthly challenges!


Diving into 2021 we hand selected 9 enduraLAB specific benchmark workouts that we will be retesting 3 times throughout the year. These workouts are in addition to our Strength and Cardiovascular baselines and will add an extra layer of testing that will challenge all athletes and fire everyone up!


In late 2020, we launched our online Mobility programming to replace our weekly ENDURABILITY class with a daily practice. This program is available to all members via the SugarWOD app and helps you recover from the workouts, increase usable range of motion and improve performance in the gym. In 2021 we are bringing even more structure around this program and developing cycles to correspond with our group classes and run group.


You will know ahead of time what dates you will see special workouts and hero workouts. This doesn’t mean the occasional “special” workout won’t show-up on the weekend (we will insert a few faves on non-holidays); however, on these days in particular you will know in advance a special workout is coming at you.


This year we will be working around training cycles that will last 3 full months! Athletes will test their distance for that cycle at the beginning of the month and then put their heads down and work for 2 months (8-9 weeks) before retesting. That final month will be used for additional testing and act as a “deload” or “reset” before diving into the next 3 month macro phase! This will not only look a little cleaner on paper, but it will also give us more time to introduce longer progressions and increased variability.


Despite getting thrown a BIG curve ball last March we quickly adapted and brought you online bodyweight and dumbbell workouts in 2020. These programs allowed everyone to keep moving and maintain their fitness during the wild times in the middle of the year and we plan on continuing our online DB Programming for 2021. This year we’re bringing more structure and long-term planning to the program overall. We’ve added our unique signature to the program and developed our own unique spin on at-home workouts. 

In addition to our Online DB Program, we launched our free 30-Day Bodyweight Foundations program in late 2020. We’re excited to watch this program grow in 2021!


In order to deliver the most fun and interesting program that we can, we must continue to push into new formats, combinations, and ways to implement these ideas that make the most sense for our athletes. Get ready for the best year yet!

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