New Year, New Goals

December 31, 2021
New Year, New Goals

A goal without a plan will get you nowhere. It’s why we like to set goals a little differently at enduraLAB. For example, a member might want to lose a certain amount of weight. However, to do that they will need to do certain behaviors like work out, clean up their nutrition, manage stress and get a good amount of sleep. These are where your goals lie.

We recommend you focus on biweekly targets to get to your goals. For example, you may spend 2 weeks working out 3-4 times a week. Then, you compound that behavior by spending the next two weeks being mindful of what you eat and eating slowly.Then, for the next 2 weeks you are focusing on recovery techniques like mobility classes and 8-9 hours of sleep.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a desired outcome. You will see results if you focus on the process and behaviors to achieve your big goal.

Still not sure what the difference between an outcome and a behavioral goal is? Let’s break it down a little more with a few examples. 

Outcome goals are the intended results that will occur from carrying out a behavior. Ex: I want to complete a marathon pain-free. 

Behavior goals are goals framed around activities you will do that you are in complete control over that will help you master your goal. Ex: I commit to scheduling a run form analysis. I commit to running 3 days a week for 16 weeks. I commit to subsidizing my run workouts with 2 strength days and 1 mobility day each week. 


Big Picture Lifestyle Behavior Goals: I commit to daily meditation. I commit to going to bed before 9:30pm. Limit alcohol to 2 drinks a week.

Nutrition Behavior Goals: I commit to eating protein at every meal. I commit to a stress relief activity instead of eating junk food. I commit to eating vegetables at every meal. I commit to drink my bodyweight in water each day.

Fitness Behavior Goals: I commit to working out at enduraLAB 4-5 days a week. I commit to 8-10 thousand steps a day. I commit to going to bed before 9:30pm. I commit to walking 30 minutes after dinner.

Now it's time to create behavior goals of your own! Click here if you’d like to schedule a session to set a goal with a coach. 

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