Movement Monday: The Slam Ball

October 19, 2021
Movement Monday: The Slam Ball

The Slam Ball is a fun, yet deadly, weapon in the world of fitness. It is an exercise that activates the entire anterior chain as well as your Lats, Rear Delts, Hamstrings, and back! We love programming the Slam Ball in our workouts at enduraLAB for some added power and sometimes it just feels good to take out your stress on the mat! Here we have a breakdown of the Slam Ball so you can have a better understanding and maximize your training time with us. 


Some of our favorite cues

How to scale:  

You can perform a Slam Ball Deadlift, Slam Ball Front Squat, or a Slam Ball Thruster.

Two Workouts to Improve Your Slam Ball

  1. Every 1:30 for 10 Rounds, perform 10x Slam Balls + 10x Sit Ups (Max Glute Bridge Hold in remaining time)
  2. Every 1:30, perform 10 reps of the Slam Ball and Sit Up. Once you are done with the movements, hop into a Glute Bridge and try to hold it for the rest of the interval.
  3. 10-1 Descending Ladder Leg Blaster
  4. Start with 10 reps of the Slam Ball, then perform a 30-second Low Squat Hold. Then repeat, but do 9 Slam Balls and a 30-second Low Squat Hold. Continue this pattern until you hit 1 repetition of the Slam Ball and 30-second Low Squat Hold. At the end, you’ll pack in 55 Slam Balls and a whopping 5:00 in the Low Squat Hold. Get that epson salt bath ready!
  5. *In the low squat hold, we want your thighs parallel to the ground

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