Movement Monday: The Push Up

October 19, 2021
Movement Monday: The Push Up

The Push Up is one of the most underrated measures of strength in relation to bodyweight. The fact that most people cannot string 25 of these together is unbelievable. Here is a simple exercise that you can do anywhere with plenty of ways to modify and scale for any ability. 

Push Ups target the chest, shoulders, and triceps and work your core, back, and legs. They pack a serious punch for such a seemingly simple exercise, but you aren’t doing yourself any favors if your form isn’t dialed.


Some of our favorite cues:

How to scale: 

Two Workouts to Improve Your Push Up

  1. Tabata Push Ups, 8 Rounds of (20-seconds of Work / 10-seconds of Rest)
  2. This interval will build muscular endurance since the rest is limited and the volume of work is on the higher side. Here you will perform as many push ups as possible during the 20 seconds of work, rest during the 10-second window and repeat for a total of 8 rounds. Record your total reps and try to beat your score the next time!
  3. 10-1 Push Up Ladder

Complete 10 perfect push ups. Rest 10 seconds. Complete 9 perfect push ups. Rest 10 seconds and repeat this pattern until you reach 1 perfect push up. If you’re still feeling fresh, Rest 2:00-3:00 and repeat!

Want to improve your Push Up? Our online bodyweight program focus in July is Push Ups! Contact Coach Roman to get signed up today and get ready to set a new Push Up personal record!!

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