Megan Bowers: October Member of the Month

October 19, 2021
Megan Bowers: October Member of the Month

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What brought you to enduraLAB?  Coach Isis came to my salon and she quickly lured me to Enduralab with her bubbly persuasion. I loved the sound of the group training atmosphere that enduraLAB offers. 

What did your workout routine look like before joining the LAB?  Fitness and competing has always been a part of my life. I was a college athlete, turned bikini fitness competitor, now in the LAB working out in a group setting. It’s the perfect amount of “fun competition.” 

What healthy changes have you made since joining the LAB?  I’m having to learn/ figure out my adult body. What I can eat and what I need to stay away from. Trying to find that perfect balance between eating healthy while still enjoying life. I had to meal prep for many years and grew traumatized from it. I’m having to learn ways to keep it fun and try different recipes that will keep me on track. I also track my food using an app Isis recommended called, “Lose-it”. Which has helped a lot! 

Tell us what you do outside of the LAB?  I’m the owner of House of Hair FW Salon on Bluebonnet Circle in Fort Worth. 

How have you grown as an athlete since joining the LAB? Brag a little.  It’s amazing to see the progress over the time I’ve been here. My stamina, strength and endurance has improved so much. When I started I never ran, actually I hated running, but now I enjoy it. I ruck now, too. Like who am I?! Lol. I focus a lot more on correct form, and I lift so much heavier now. I’ve grown to enjoy working out instead of it being a chore. 

What is a goal you have set for yourself in the next 6 months? I would love to tighten up on my diet. Losing more body fat is always the goal. I would like to enjoy the holidays coming up while still practicing healthy eating habits. 

What is your favorite enduraLAB event or program? I love the NutritionLAB, it has helped me so much with making good choices and being more conscious of what I’m eating. Ruck Club is awesome, hardcore, and I love that it gets me outside with nature. I also love the clinics and seminars they put on because I love learning even more about living a healthy lifestyle.

What advice would you have for a new person starting at enduraLAB?  Don’t be intimidated. EnduraLAB coaches are so good at listening to their athletes and meeting us where we are at in life. The workouts are challenging but worth it, so always remember why you started. You will grow to love it, just as I have. 

Favorite cheat meal/restaurant in D/FW?  Pappasito’s 

Current read / podcast? “You are a Badass at Making Money” by Jen Sincero 

Pump up song? Neva Eva ft. Lil Scrappy & Lil Jon

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