Meet Whit Kelly, October Member of the Month

October 6, 2023
Meet Whit Kelly, October Member of the Month

Whit's fitness voyage began with a gentle nudge from a friend, and he hasn't looked back since. From just a cyclist to a well-rounded athlete, Whit has seen remarkable growth. Beyond the LAB, he conquers the world of Commercial Real Estate and embarks on mountainous adventures, aiming to summit all 54 of Colorado's 14ers. Read on to find out how Whit plans to incorporate the cold plunge and recovery within the next 6 months, which workouts fuel his fire, and his top tips for newcomers looking to crush their fitness goals.

What brought you to the LAB?

I started coming to the LAB in 2012 or 2013 when they had just moved over to Foch. I can’t remember exactly how I started, but I think Kelly Phillips had something to do with it!

What did your workout routine look like before joining the LAB?

I was a cyclist doing absolutely no strength training. What I remember most was Lee doing my assessment on Day 1. Cyclists are known for their upper body strength, and I think I knocked out about 8 push-ups.  

What healthy changes have you made since joining the LAB? 

I like to think I make healthy choices, but I really make better bad choices. Still working on the healthy part, But nutrition is definitely top of mind.

Tell us what you do outside of the LAB? 

I work in Commercial Real Estate, but when not at work, I prefer spending my time up in Colorado hiking, skiing, fly fishing, or just hanging out. I’m currently on a quest to Summit all 54 14ers in Colorado with Kelly and Benton Phillips.

How have you grown as an athlete since joining the LAB? Brag a little.

I’ve definitely diversified my training to include strength, cardio, and recovery. I’m not the strongest guy at the LAB, but I can do at least 9 push-ups now!

What is a goal you have set for yourself in the next 6 months?

Incorporating cold plunge into my routine and making a habit of recovery.

What is your favorite enduraLAB event or program?

I am already hooked on the cold plunge, so that is what I look forward to right now. Other event favorites are 30/30 cycles, and dare I say Hell Week? The very first week I joined, I was lucky enough to have to “complete”  the Manslaughter.  That was pretty unforgettable…I timed capped at about 200M. 

What advice would you have for a new person starting at enduraLAB? 

Be consistent. Once you get out of the routine, it just gets harder to get back. So just keep showing up!

If we had a workout in honor of you, what would it be called and what would it consist of?

Definitely a chipper. Some of my favorite movements are deadlift, box jumps, kettle bell swings, farmer carry, and slam balls to name a few. If I never saw a wall ball or a Ski Erg again, I’d be thrilled.

Favorite treat meal/restaurant in D/FW?

Joe T’s for a cheat meal for sure. My favorite restaurants are Walloons or Clay Pigeon.

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