Meet the Intern: Jaden Davis

October 19, 2021
Meet the Intern: Jaden Davis

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Where are you originally from? Memphis, Tenn.

Where do you attend school? What is your major? I’m a graduating senior at TCU majoring in Movement Science with a minor in Spanish for Health Professions.

What’s after graduation? I hope to get a job and stay in Texas! I fell in love with this state, and I want to stay here so badly. I’m keeping my options open, but my goal is to find something within the realm of kinesiology and sports medicine.

Current fitness goals. I am fairly out of shape, so I’d like to get back to where I was a year ago. Right now, I’m making time for daily runs, ab workouts and lifting every few weeks.

Favorite charity. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Current Netflix binge. Currently binging Season 3 of Stranger Things!

Inspiration. My teammates. Seeing them continue working in their sport makes me want to stay active.

How did you come across enduraLAB? Dr. Phillips at TCU suggested enduraLAB. Once I did a bit of research and saw what enduraLAB offered, I was very excited about the opportunity to intern here.

What qualifications do you bring to the gym community? I am a former track and field athlete for TCU, so I have a fitness background based in running and some weightlifting. Additionally, my Kinesiology-based major affords me background knowledge from courses such as Exercise Physiology, Biomechanics, Exercise Assessment Prescription and Anatomy and Physiology. Both my science and athletic backgrounds make me a perfect candidate for the fitness industry.

Next restaurant you want to try? I’ve heard really good things about the Chile Pepper Grill food truck on W. 7th Street!

Favorite workouts? Least favorite? I typically go for long runs around Fort Worth, or I find a steep hill by my house because it’s free. I usually try to avoid upper body workouts. 

Favorite workout song? Anything with loads of base (so either rap or EDM).

What are two things on your bucket list? I want to go skydiving and complete a half marathon.

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