Meet Run Club Coach Elizabeth

October 19, 2021
Meet Run Club Coach Elizabeth

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Coach Elizabeth will manage the enduraLAB Run Club alongside Coach Lee. She has been a coveted member of the LAB family since 2016. As a athlete Elizabeth has has conquered Everest, the 2018 New York Marathon, the 2018 Dallas Half Marathon and the 2018 Vancouver Marathon. She is also a devoted advocate for the Jordan Elizabeth Harris Foundation and PathFinders. Elizabeth is training for the upcoming 50 mile RUCK in San Antonio and the Grandma's Marathon in Minnesota. Long-term, Elizabeth hopes to complete an ultra of 50 miles in the next 12 months.

Hometown. I was born in Denver Colorado, grew up on a horse farm in Kentucky, then on to Columbus Ohio and moved to Texas in high school.

Degree. I graduated form University of Texas at Arlington with a degree in Sociology and Economics. I also have graduate certificate in Public Health from UNT Health Science Center

Role at the LAB. I will be managing the Run Group, this will include coaching some runs, being a running partner, nutrition and running advice (mostly learned from my mistakes), and an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on- what happens on the run- stays on the run!

What sets the enduraLAB Run Group apart from the rest? The endurLAB run program is the total package! I love we are able to help people become better more efficient runners, train for specific races, or just run for a cardio workout. We also pick races throughout the year to train and travel to which always keeps things new and different.

Another part of the package is the additional strength workouts programmed specifically for runners with the equipment and place to do it. Strength and cross-training opportunities are something most other run programs are not able to offer. We will also be introducing new running programs throughout the year! This program is great for anybody from the seasoned marathoner to the person who is not sure if they can run a whole mile.

Most memorable race? Every race is memorable for different reasons, some good, some bad. Most memorable is one I PR or the one I just ran!

Tell us about your journey as a runner? I started running at a late age (in my forties). I wanted to do a tri-athalon and I had never run over one mile in my life! I had no idea what I was doing as I had grown up as a competitive swimmer where running was used as a punishment. After I got a little better, able to run three miles without breaking down even though it was a snail's pace, I started to realize all the other benefits to running. I was happier, less anxious, lighter in weight and mind. I have kept running for these benefits as well as all the friends I have made doing it. I am now at a place where I can't imagine my life without running in it. Running always presents a personal challenge and improvements happen incrementally. Running has made me happier, taught me patience, challenged me, and some days defeated me, but it has made me a better person. Having said all that, I am still trying to get faster, but at this point that is less important.

How did you came to care so much about fitness and nutrition? I have worked in pharmaceuticals and medical device for most of my career. I have watched and had to build epidemiological models demonstrating the enormous increases in chronic disease or so-called lifestyle disease. I care because so many of the diseases are preventable through diet and exercise and it is painful to watch people suffer with these diseases. I grew up in a household where processed foods were limited and any activity was encouraged and I see those tools as the solution to to the current public health crisis. I know eating better, even if it is just 80 percent of the time, and getting regular exercise are the best defense against all kinds of ailments, both mental and physical. I want to help anyone who is ready to take control of their own health in anyway I can. Not to mention setting goals, working towards them and the sense of accomplishment all while doing it with such a great community of people. I want to share with people what eating well and fitness have done for me!

Favorite charity / volunteer organization? I volunteer for several charities and groups. The Jordan Elizabeth Harris Foundation is focused on suicide prevention and taking Hope Squads into schools. I am certified to teach suicide prevention to all ages through them and do it regularly. I also love PathFinders. They focus on helping people reintegrate after incarceration and teaching life skills during incarceration in Tarrant County. Love them! Also helping coach the Running Club which enduraLAb sponsors at St. Rita Catholic Schools. All of these organizations are making huge impacts on the people they serve!

Current entertainment binge? Still waiting on Peaky Blinders to come back to NetFlix. I tend to read mostly non-fiction and research. Boring I know!

Inspiration? I am always inspired by the elite runners. Their dedication and the work it takes to get where they are. But, I am most inspired by my friend Collin Hadley. Collin was my colleague and running partner when I first started running. In 2014 he was diagnosed ALS, but he does not spend his time sitting around feeling sorry for himself, he focuses on what he can still do and enjoying his life and family. He has been my loudest cheerleader and a great friend.

How do you keep clients motivated? I think there is a natural ebb and flow to motivation, but the best motivation is to set a goal and make a plan to get there. You may not execute the plan or the goal perfectly, but it gives you something to aim for and keep reaching.

Favorite meal to fuel? Best cheat meal? I am a big fan of a beet smoothie with blueberries, spinach and coconut water. Its a powerful punch and beets help your body make nitrous oxide- very important for endurance sports! As far as cheating goes, I usually go for the Tex-mex food and chocolate cake- preferably in the same meal!

What is a goal you have set for yourself in the next 6 months? The next year? Next 6 months are focused on 50 mile RUCK in San Antonio in March and Grandma's marathon in Minnesota in June. I will probably attempt an ultra of 50 miles in the next 12 months, but I am still debating.

Anything else you would like folks to know about it you? I am always up for chatting about running. If you want to start or only want to run once a week- Let's do this!!

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