Meet Physical Therapist: Jenny Peterson

December 7, 2021
Meet Physical Therapist: Jenny Peterson




Hometown: I grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah. My dad works in the oil and gas industry, so we moved around a bit! While I was at Texas A&M, my parents moved to Calgary, Canada, so I've had the opportunity to experience living in quite a few different places!

Degree: I attended the University of North Texas Health Science Center. I graduated in the first physical therapy class with a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. I have since received a certification in becoming a Certified Functional Manual Therapist (CFMT) through the Institute of Physical Art.

Career: I have been a practicing physical therapist for five years with a specialty in orthopedics. Outside of enduraLAB, I have the privilege of working with the ballet dancers with Texas Ballet Theater. I am also a staff therapist at the Orthopedic Sports Medicine Institute.

Free time: I absolutely love spending time with friends, family and our two dogs. Exercise is also a big part of my life; I love anything from running to yoga to getting my butt kicked at the LAB.

Philanthropy: My dogs are rescues, so I have a special place in my heart for any rescue service.

Netflix Binge: I don't have a Netflix binge at the moment, but I have read A Handmaid's Tale and am caught up on the first season on HULU. I also just started Red Rising by Pierce Brown. I am trying to make reading for pleasure a priority.

Inspiration: The cool thing about my job is that I get to work with so many different people with such different goals from such different walks of life. I am inspired daily by them!

Motivational Technique: It's so important for me to establish a good relationship with my patients, but also maintain the idea of self responsibility. I could be the best physical therapist on the planet, but unless he or she truly wants to get better and is willing to do the work (or sometimes take the break), our end game will be weak!

Favorite Restaurant: Take me to Torchy’s or Mellow Mushroom any day.

How did you come across enduraLAB? Via social media in the early days. I was in PT school, but I would frequently come to the free runs/workouts back at the old OLD location off of west 7th Street. Once I graduated and started making a paycheck, I immediately joined.

Favorite / Least Favorite Workouts: I LOVE the chipper workouts. I like the mental and physical grind....least, I'll go with Garrett, the max days.

Song: Hate me for it, but I'll rock a NICKELBACK playlist any day, at any time.

Bucket List: Shamefully we've never been overseas, so that's the plan ASAP! Second, I would like a pool in the backyard (clearly there is no passive aggressiveness here).

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