Meet Lauren Sarchet, November Member of the Month

November 12, 2023
Meet Lauren Sarchet, November Member of the Month

Discover the journey of Lauren Sarchet at enduraLAB, where she found the perfect blend of challenging programming, flexible training options, and a vibrant community. Formerly struggling to align her personal goals with her previous gym's vision, Lauren now thrives in a tailored program, prioritizing recovery and achieving personal records in every major strength movement. Beyond the gym, this account manager, kickball team captain, and book club organizer shares her secrets to success and the welcoming atmosphere that has made enduraLAB her second home for almost a year.

What brought you to enduraLAB?

I was looking for a new group gym that offered more challenging programming, more flexibility with classes and training options, and a great community!

What did your workout routine look like before joining the LAB?

I attended group classes at a different gym, but was struggling with my personal goals aligning with their programming and vision. I love strength training and power movements, but was getting too much endurance training and plateauing/losing strength.

What healthy changes have you made since joining the LAB?

I have started listening to my body and implementing more recovery and light workout days. Before, I used to train 7 times a week, six days a week, and I never missed a workout. However, after transitioning to a program that is more challenging and tailored to what I need, I was able to step back and prioritize movement and rest.

Tell us what you do outside of the LAB.

By day, I am an account manager for a regional raw materials distributor. I spend my days traveling to customers and office from home in between. I live in Alliance with my “zoo” of animals, and I spend my free time busy with school and social events! I’m the captain of a team in the FTW Kickball league that plays on Thursdays, I run a book club, and I spend most of my remaining time studying or reading.

How have you grown as an athlete since joining the LAB?

Since joining enduraLAB, I have PR’d in every major strength movement. My form is better than ever, and my confidence to push myself is better than ever.

What is a goal you have set for yourself in the next 6 months?

Over the next 6 months, I aim to prioritize nutrition to tone up and increase strength. I’d like to make a hard push to see significant increases in my strength movements - mainly deadlift, bench, and squat, and I’d like to be able to finally do an unassisted pull up!

What is your favorite enduraLAB event or program?

So far my favorite event at enduraLAB has been hell week! I love the mental and physical challenge of pushing through an incredibly difficult week of programming.

What advice would you have for a new person starting at enduraLAB?

My advice to newcomers at enduraLAB would be to get connected early! Latch on to a favorite coach for extra guidance. Make friends in your workout class who you see consistently. Use your guest pass every month to invite a friend. Having a strong support system makes all the difference!

If we had a workout in honor of you, what would it be called and what would it consist of?

If I had a workout, it would probably be Lo’s Lower Body Shred. I love squats, lunges, RDLs, split squats, goblet squats, and anything working legs and glutes!

Favorite treat meal/restaurant in D/FW? Current read / podcast? Pump up song?

My favorite restaurant in Fort Worth is Wicked Butcher - I am a sucker for a great medium rare steak. My guilty pleasure that I frequent more often would be Buff Bros! Their extra crispy lemon pepper wings are to die for. Also, Melt ice cream - duh!

I am currently reading the Red Queen series and I love it! 1 book down, 3 to go! My favorite band right now is Bad Omens - their whole album The Death of Peace of Mind is great, but Nowhere to Go is such a good pre-gym pump up song.

Any final words or thoughts?

I just want to thank y’all for creating such an amazing and supportive environment. :) I’ve been coming to enduraLAB for almost a year now, and it feels like a second home to me. Everyone is so welcoming, kind, and encouraging, and I always have fun and look forward to my workouts!

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