Meet Kiki Gomez: The Warm Welcome at enduraLAB

October 18, 2023
Meet Kiki Gomez: The Warm Welcome at enduraLAB

We're thrilled to introduce you to Kiki Gomez, our newest Front Desk Associate. Kiki's vibrant energy and warm personality are a delightful addition to our growing fitness community. Let's get to know her a little better!

From McAllen, TX to EnduraLAB

Hailing from the beautiful city of McAllen, Texas, Kiki Gomez has brought her enthusiasm and passion for fitness to Fort Worth. She's a sophomore at Texas Christian University (TCU), majoring in Criminology and Criminal Justice.

The Quest for a Fitness Community

You might wonder, "What brought Kiki to enduraLAB?" Well, it was the quest for a fitness community in her college town. Kiki knows that fitness isn't just about the workout; it's about the camaraderie, support, and the shared journey towards healthier and stronger versions of ourselves.

The Warmth at the Front Desk

As part of the enduraLAB team, Kiki is determined to create a warm and inviting environment for every member who walks through our doors. Her goal is simple but powerful: greet everyone with a genuine smile, making them feel valued and appreciated.

But Kiki's charm doesn't stop there. She believes that exercise should be enjoyable and energizing. Her fun-loving spirit is contagious, and you'll often find her infusing the gym with an enthusiasm that's hard to resist.

enduraLAB: A Hub of Opportunities

Kiki's love for enduraLAB goes beyond her role; it's rooted in the essence of what we offer. From personalized training programs to strength and conditioning group classes and essential recovery services, enduraLAB is a playground for fitness enthusiasts. But what captivates Kiki the most is the vibrant community we've cultivated. It's more than just a gym; it's a family that transforms fitness into a lifestyle.

Fitness Dreams and Aspirations

Kiki has her own fitness aspirations. She's on a mission to grow the fitness community at the LAB. Moreover, she's preparing for powerlifting competitions at TCU and dreams of one day competing as a bodybuilder. Now that's what we call setting ambitious goals!

A Peek Into Kiki's World

So there you have it, the warm-hearted Kiki Gomez. Next time you step into enduraLAB, keep an eye out for her radiant smile and enthusiasm. She's here to make your fitness journey even more enjoyable, one genuine greeting at a time. Welcome to the family, Kiki!

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