Meet Kelly Phillips, September Member of the Month

September 5, 2022
Meet Kelly Phillips, September Member of the Month

Kelly is a true staple of enduraLAB as she has been with us in every location we’ve been at and has done about every program we have ever come up with. She is an athlete through and through (even though she doesn’t consider herself one). While she may have started with a road race, she now has shifted her focus to climbing mountains and other trail events. Read more about her below.

What brought you to enduraLAB?

I met Lee at a fun run in December of 2012 and that was the first time I heard about EnduraLAB.  I got into the 2013 NYC Marathon via lottery in May of 2013.  The very next day I saw a Facebook post from Lee promoting his fall marathon training program and I scheduled coffee with him to discuss joining the gym and I’ve been a member ever since.  I started at their first location next to Palm Beach Tan on W. 7th Street - they’ve come a long way from those early days!

What did your workout routine look like before joining the LAB?

I did a bootcamp style workout with other parents at my kids’ school and was also a member of a cross-fit gym for about 6 years prior to joining the LAB.

What healthy changes have you made since joining the LAB? 

I've participated in just about every LAB challenge over the past 9 years.  I enjoy exercising every day so going to the LAB is just something that I build into my daily schedule.  I love to experiment with food and different supplements.  I recently adopted a vegan diet to try to combat my genetically high cholesterol and have had great success lowering both my overall cholesterol and my LDL.  It’s been fun discovering new foods, recipes, and restaurants and researching what I’m eating in order to best fuel my body for whatever Lee throws at us every day.  I’m also supporting a friend who lost her dad to alcoholism and partnering with her in a Dry 2022.  I feel so good removing alcohol from my life that I don’t see myself ever re-introducing it.

Tell us what you do outside of the LAB? 

I am a stay-at-home wife of almost 30 years to Brian (former/famous LAB member) and mom to three amazing kids (+ an awesome son-in-law, Clay): Berkeley (who many of you already know from the LAB), Barrett (a sometimes visitor to the LAB) and Benton (never an “official” LAB member, but also an occasional visitor).  I love spending time with my family and friends and doing ANYTHING active outdoors!

How have you grown as an athlete since joining the LAB? Brag a little.

Oh gosh… too many ways to count! I think after being a member for so long I would say changing up my routine and always being curious to try new activities is key to not getting bored.  I am a regular in the strength and conditioning classes, but I also pop in and out of the run group from time to time depending on what I’m training for and what the current programming is (Taylor Street hill repeats, 30/30s, etc.).  I think the main thing that keeps me committed to one place is that I change up what my goals are and what I’m working on.  Sometimes I’m training for a marathon; other times it’s a trail run.  I’ve done several Ruck races and trail relays.  I'm also a fairly avid hiker and backpacker and my son and I are over halfway done with climbing the 58 peaks in Colorado over 14K, so that is something I am always “training” for.  I’m always up for a new challenge or a fun destination race and I feel confident trying new things because I have such a solid fitness base thanks to the LAB.

What is a goal you have set for yourself in the next 6 months?

My current goals are more backpack/hiking focused.  My next backpacking trip will be 6 nights of backpacking in a remote area of Yosemite, covering 10-12 miles daily carrying a 35+ lb. backpack.  I’m also participating again in the Ragnar Trail Relay with some other LAB friends in October which I’m really looking forward to!  Other than these upcoming trips, my main goal remains to simply maintain my fitness and strength for the life I want to live!  As I get older I want to be strong, able and confident to do all the things I love and enjoy.  

What is your favorite enduraLAB event or program?

I really enjoy team competitions and group events - the Dallas Ruck Marathon, the Leadville Heavy Half Trail Run/Colorado adventure last summer, and the Ragnar Trail Relay have been highlights.  I’ve also run marathons in other cities/locations with small groups from the LAB and getting to both train for and complete the race together has been special and memorable!

What advice would you have for a new person starting at enduraLAB? 

Be CURIOUS! Don’t be overwhelmed.  Don’t get in your head too much.  Be curious about all the movements and workouts, then try them and see what you like and what you are capable of.  There are several movements/exercises that I just plain don’t do any more for various reasons; so now I just modify or do a similar exercise that works the same muscles, but is a better fit for my mobility and capability. Isis is awesome at making adjustments and modifications for me.  As you get to know the coaches, they get to know you and are there to help you and work with you right where you are.  They will show you the best way to get where you want to be.  Meet the people in the classes - introduce yourself!  The community is a major part of what I love about EnduraLAB.  I’ve made so many friends at the LAB over the years that I never would have crossed paths with otherwise.

If we had a workout in honor of you, what would it be called and what would it consist of?

"Wall-Slaughter": 400m Manslaughter, followed by max wall-balls in remaining time with a 60:00 time cap.

This would actually be my worst nightmare.   

Favorite treat meal/restaurant in D/FW?

Favorite meals: Power Salad from Local Foods; Crispy Guacamole Tacos from Mi Cocina; veggie platter from Capital Grille; Jalapeño Cole Slaw from Pacific Table  

Favorite NON VEGAN desserts that are always worth the splurge: It’s a tie between the coconut cream pie from Pacific Table and 1 scoop chocolate mint/1 scoop chocolate chip ice cream from Baskin-Robbins😋

Current read / podcast? 

Podcast: The Huberman Lab

I’m always reading: The Bible; just finished "American Dirt" by Jeanine Cummins

Pump up song?

Levitating (Dua Lipa/Da Baby version!)

Any final words or thoughts? 

The LAB is truly part of who I am!  I really can’t imagine my life without it… talk about real FOMO🤪

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