Meet enduraLAB Marketing Director, Makenzie

October 19, 2021
Meet enduraLAB Marketing Director, Makenzie

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Hometown. I am originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico. My family relocated to Fort Worth's west side when I was just nine-years-old.  

Degree. I have an undergraduate degree in Journalism from the University of North Texas. I also have a master of arts in Urban and Public Affairs from the University of Texas at Arlington. My thesis presented an evaluation of an after-school program offered to at-risk high school students in South Dallas. This stands out as significant because I was able to interview program administrators who worked first hand with at-risk students. It broke me free of my comfort zone and served as the catalyst for my desire to work within communities.   

Career: I am the Marketing Director here at enduraLAB. I have also been known to write as a freelance journalist on occasion. Previously I served as the Marketing Director for a pet products company. I began my professional career inside the marketing department of a large architectural/engineering firm where I was the editor of their largest print magazine.  

What brought you to enduraLAB. I came to enduraLAB because of my relationship with Coach Isis. She taught my youngest in first grade, so I was able to see her on a regular basis and we developed a friendship. Being Isis' friend means you are going to need to workout (smile) ... I signed up for an enduraLAB Boot Camp in January of 2017 and just couldn't get enough.    

Philanthropy. I have always enjoyed volunteering. I am truly happy to lend a hand in any way necessary. I've been president of the Arlington Heights Neighborhood Association, a member of the Fort Worth League of Neighborhoods and president of the Como Montessori School PTA. Today I serve various roles as a member of the North Hi Mount and Stripling Middle School PTAs. I've also volunteered my time as a grant writer. My favorite experience was a project that resulted in the placement of a $50,000 piece of kinetic artwork at Thomas Place Community Center. 

Television Series. The Killing,The Handmaid's Tale and Ozark .... I also read.

Athletic Background. I am not a huge athlete. I played softball in high school because my dad is obsessed with baseball. He and I would throw and hit a ball in the yard for hours. I have always enjoyed running and walking because it gives me the time and space I need to think and center myself. 

Role Model. My family. First, my parents for pushing through every obstacle while giving my brother and I every opportunity. Their love and determination can't be matched. I have a huge admiration for my wife, Cathy. She is the best example of a partner. And of course, my boys for their kindness, sincerity, patience, intelligence and grace.   

Favorite Restaurant. I like to be comfortable, loud-ish and a little tipsy. I have two favorites, the first is Taco Heads because it's a skip, hop and a jump away from the house, the atmosphere is ideal and their food fuels my soul. Righteous Foods is another one of my favorites. They serve the best coffee, creative cuisine and offer one of the most unique atmospheres in the city. They also have some of the best service around. 

Favorite / Least Favorite Workout. The deadlift is my favorite. I could pick up that bar all day long. I am a huge fan of Lee's programming and enjoy most workouts within the strength cycle. I am probably the least excited about rowing for 30 minutes or doing more than 15 burpees in a single set. 

Song. Sing Your Life by Morrissey (1991)

Movie. The Town (2010) and Julie & Julia (2009) 

Bucket List. I hope to travel a bit more than I do at current. I hope to watch my children live a long and happy life. I hope to read a million books and talk to just as many interesting faces. I hope when I am 60, I don't have a bucket list because I live every day to it's potential. I hope to have no regrets. I hope my family doesn't sell my stuff at auction when I leave this world.   

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