Meet Chris Lofland

October 19, 2021
Meet Chris Lofland

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Hometown. Born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas.

Degree. I attended college at Tarrant County Community College. I studied business but never finished. My focus was pursuing coaching, and at the time I was a head coach for women's levels 6-9 gymnastics and getting into the fitness industry.  

Certifications. USAW L-1, USAW L-2, USAW National Coach, Member of North Texas Weightlifting Board of Directors, CF-L1, CF Gymnastics Coach, OMU Member (Online Movement University). 

Competitions. I competed as a weightlifter at the national level until 2016 before turning my focus to training athletes at BlueWave Fitness (I did take second place at the 2018 Texas State Meet). I have more than 15 national level weightlifters, many of whom have earned medals. In fact, the BlueWave men's team took first place at the 2018 Texas State Meet; the women’s team came in second at the 2018 Texas State Meet.  

Why fitness and nutrition. I've been around fitness and nutrition my entire life, and love experimenting in different ways with my own body. This has allowed me to pick through a lot of different fitness and health models taking what I like and and drop off what I didn't. I'm not married to one approach.  

Favorite charity / volunteer organization. My wife and I are big into animal rescues. We do medical fostering for Apollo Support and Rescue, and have an embarrassing number of dogs in our tiny home.  

What is your most current binge? I always have a few books going at one time. I'm currently reading Antifragile by Nissim Nicolas Taleb and re-reading Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harrari. Our Netflix binge is Ozarks

Inspiration. Oh wow, that’s a long list because there are so many areas of mind and body that I enjoy studying. 

I could keep going....

How do you keep clients motivated? I believe in a combination of structure and freedom. Too much freedom and people don't know where to start or they tend to lose focus; too much structure doesn't allow enough exploration/play.

Favorite workout? Least favorite? I don't really have anything structured anymore. I train by feel. I maintain some skills and strength to keep me capable of doing the things I enjoy. My least favorite workout is long endurance training. I have to trick myself by providing a task or picking a challenging hike to get myself to do it.  

Best restaurant in Fort Worth? Our go-to date is usually Mi Cocina. 

Favorite workout song? I like reggae (Iration, Rebbelution) or something like Beats Antique (look them up, you won't be disappointed). 

What are two things on your bucket list? Visiting all continents (we are close) and earning a national team title. 

What else would you like for us to know about you? I love conversations about fitness and health. Come talk to me. I'll likely learn just as much from you. 

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