It Takes 3 Seconds to Eliminate Temptation

You’re at a holiday party. You’re surrounded by family, friends, or coworkers and are having a great time.
January 6, 2022
It Takes 3 Seconds to Eliminate Temptation


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Picture this for a second....

You’re at a holiday party. You’re surrounded by family, friends, or coworkers and are having a great time.

Drinks are flowing and food is everywhere. And it’s delicious. In fact, you’ve already indulged in some of your favorites, in moderation of course.

But then your friend asks you to have another drink, and then someone else asks you to try that amazing casserole they made. Or maybe a plate of cookies has caught your eye.

Even though you’re full, you can feel yourself about to give in to those temptations – and break the commitment you made with yourself not to over do it.

Ever been there before?

We sure have!

Here’s something that can change EVERYTHING for you:

Take ONE big breath, remind yourself of your goals and your WHY ...

And then ask yourself this simple question: How will I feel tomorrow if I break that commitment?

Will it be worth it?

Will you feel rested, energized, and be able to live your day to the fullest?

Will you be happy with where you are on your wellness journey?

Often times when we overindulge, we don’t sleep well, we get an upset stomach, our mood changes for the worse, and we’re dragging the entire next day.

Most of the time, having those extra drinks or piece of cake isn’t worth the way we feel afterwards.

It also sets us up for unhealthy cravings.

But when we ask ourselves, “How will I feel tomorrow?” or even more immediately, “How will this affect my sleep tonight?”...  it makes it 1,000 times easier to follow through on our commitments. It also creates a powerful mindset shift because it turns a negative (feeling deprived) into a huge positive (feeling energized, stronger, and empowered).

And check this out...

In a study back in the 1960’s, kids were left in a room with one marshmallow on a plate. They were told they could eat that one marshmallow immediately, or wait 15 minutes and get two marshmallows. Those who waited scored higher on standardized tests, had better health, and were less likely to have behavior problems!

Studies continue to show that people who keep their goals in mind and put off their immediate “wants” in exchange for a more desirable “end result” will generally do better in their relationships, career, health and even with their money.

Remember: Moderation is the KEY to success.

So while you’re at having fun at your holiday parties this month, give this strategy a try when you’re facing temptation from that extra piece of homemade pie!

Also, we’ve got some good news.

If you want us to break down a simple step-by-step action plan to help you reach your goals to finish out 2019 STRONG and set yourself up for success in 2020, schedule a 30-minute goal setting session with us!

Make it an amazing day!


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