How to "Keep Score" of your Habits

October 19, 2021
How to "Keep Score" of your Habits

Confession time. We love lists … especially checklists.

That’s why we’re sharing this Goal-Getting Scorecard with you today. It’s our gift to help you crush it in 2020! 

This scorecard will help you make your goals a reality ... 

Because it’s designed to help you track the specific HABITS and ACTIONS that will actually move you forward towards your goals. 

When you boil it all down … it’s about taking focused ACTION.

Having a scorecard gives you a valuable tool to track your progress. It lets you see a direct connection between your actions and your results. 

It also gives you a method to determine what’s working … and what isn’t! This lets you know when it’s time to change or tweak your daily actions.

And it takes virtually NO TIME at all to use your scoreboard.

Ask yourself: What are the SPECIFIC things you need to do every day (and week) to move yourself closer towards your goals to live a more fulfilling life?

Let’s call these “Success Habits.” 

Simply write them down on the scorecard … along with how many times you plan to do them each week. And then, simply check it off your scorecard as you go! 

And here’s a quick tip- we don’t recommend having more than 5-10 total items on your list. You only want to put the most impactful things on here. 

Also, if you’re JUST getting started with a new habit, only add one habit to your list at a time, until you master it. It’s all about setting yourself up for success!

 Some Ideas:

Keep it simple, and make sure it’s realistic. Start small, and build from there. 

Sound like a plan?!  Here’s your printable scorecard!  

We recommend printing out one each and every week, and keeping it on your desk, fridge, or anywhere that you’ll see it often. 

The more you keep your success habits front of mind, the more likely you are to achieve your goals. 

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